USA - White Stallion Ranch
This ranch has been in the family since 1965 and they pride themselves on giving people an authentic and real ranch experience with dare I say luxury accommodation and delicious food, alongside resort style activities, like a swimming pool, hot tub tennis courts, a Spa and bar.


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from £1,380 or €1,590

Horse Riding Holidays USA – White Stallion Ranch, Arizona


White Stallion Ranch: Prices 2024

Suitable for all types of riders; beginners to experienced riders and and non riders.

All prices quoted are per person, based on a 7 nights stay but we can tailor your trip to any number of nights so please ask.

Please note our price includes ALL taxes & service charges, there are NO hidden or extra costs.

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  • Low Season Prices: 9 June – 28 September
    Standard Single – $2,147
    • GBP: 1,690
    • EUR: 1,970

    Standard Double – $1,753
    • GBP: 1,380
    • EUR: 1,608

    Deluxe Single – $2,935
    • GBP: 2,310
    • EUR: 2,693

    Deluxe Queen or Twin – $1,874
    • GBP: 1,475
    • EUR: 1,719

    Deluxe King or Twin – $2,065
    • GBP: 1,625
    • EUR: 1,894

    Suite’s starting from – $2,173
    • GBP: 1,710
    • EUR: 1,994
  • Mid-Season Prices: 2 January – 10 February, 21 April – 8 June & 29 September – 14 December
    Standard Single – $2,624
    • GBP: 2,065
    • EUR: 2,407

    Standard Double – $2,300
    • GBP: 1,810
    • EUR: 2,110

    Deluxe Single – $4,676
    • GBP: 3,680
    • EUR: 4,290

    Deluxe Queen or Twin – $2,414
    • GBP: 1,900
    • EUR: 2,215

    Deluxe King or Twin – $2,624
    • GBP: 2,065
    • EUR: 2,407

    Suite’s starting from – $2,675
    • GBP: 2,105
    • EUR: 2,454
  • High Season Prices: 11 February – 20 April & 15 December 2023 – 1 January
    Standard Single – $3,068
    • GBP: 2,415
    • EUR: 2,815

    Standard Double – $2,814
    • GBP: 2,215
    • EUR: 2,582

    Deluxe Single – $4,460
    • GBP: 3,510
    • EUR: 4,092

    Deluxe Queen or Twin – $2,999
    • GBP: 2,360
    • EUR: 2,751

    Deluxe King or Twin – $3,227
    • GBP: 2,540
    • EUR: 2,960

    Suite’s starting from – $3,367
    • GBP: 2,650
    • EUR: 3,089

Kids under 5 years old stay FREE.

Note: Rates are subject to daily exchange rate fluctuations, please refer to our ‘Terms & Conditions’ for full details.

White Stallion Ranch: Dates 2024

Available all year.

Included – All riding (except lessons & no riding on Sundays), fat tire biking, archery, yoga, rocking climbing, shooting, full board accommodation, snacks, soft drinks, transfers, taxes (9%) & service charge/gratuity (15%).

Excluded – Flights, lessons, spa, alcoholic drinks, canned and bottled drinks.

Getting There
International flight to nearest airport is Tucson Airport (free transfer or 1/2 hour drive), an alternative is Pheonix Airport (2 hour transfer or drive).

Included from Tucson airport. Phoenix Airport is about a 2 hour drive, you will either need to rent a car or take a shuttle bus to Tucson.

All our horse riding holidays hold a price guarantee. We believe in your piece of mind on price when you book one of our horse riding holidays and will refund the difference should you find the same horse riding holiday elsewhere at a lower price.


One of the best fun experiences we have had in the USA…got to love a bit of luxury accommodation too! White Stallion is a Guest Ranch, meaning it is set up to host guests not dissimilar to lodges in Africa or horsey hotels in Europe like Castle Leslie. Don’t let the word “guest ranch” put you off…we absolutely love White Stallion and we are horsey!  Zara and her show jumper daughter visited in November 2023 and were blown away, read her blog below. It’s a family owned ranch and brothers Russell and Michael, their wives and also sons are very hands on and committed to make sure everyone has a fantastic time. With around 40 rooms the ranch never feels too busy as there is so much going on and so many public spaces, we have stayed when it was fully booked and loved the buzz. White Stallion has been in the family since 1965 and they pride themselves on giving people an authentic and real ranch experience with dare I say luxury accommodation and delicious food, alongside resort style activities, like a swimming pool, hot tub, tennis courts, a Spa  and bar. It’s no surprise that White Stallion ranch has won countless awards and rates 5 stars on Trip Advisor and is full of repeat clients!

It’s in a beautiful setting, 3,000 acres of open landscape at the foot of the ruggedly beautiful Tucson Mountains and offers fantastic trail rides and hikes on foot through the unique Sonoran desert of the Old West. Longhorn cattle come in for water every day and three times a week, if you are an experienced rider you have the chance to work cattle in the arena and partake in team penning. Beginners don’t miss out either, the wranglers will work with you and get you team cattle penning within a few days. And if that’s not enough, every Wednesday (and this has been hapeeing for the last 50 years) wranglers, friends and family get to together at the ranch to practice their rodeo skills, so you get to see how it’s really done and see how hard wranglers have to train to get into the rodeo ring!

This really is a ranch where all levels of riders, works for riders, non horsey partners, children; all can come and will get to enjoy a full and varied riding holiday, which offers great trail riding at your own speed, with friendly wranglers, great horses and ranch activities.

The great part is that this is an equally great holiday for non riding partners, kids or friends, because of the setting, there is so many other things to do, here’s a list of what’s on offer and can fill your days;

Horse riding – slow rides, cowboy cook out rides, loping rides, half day and full day rides, Fat Tire E-biking various speed levels through the desert, Shooting (pistols, rifles, shotguns and gunpowder muskets), Rock Climbing (2 – 4 hours, beginner to advanced climbs), Hiking desert trails, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, a games room, a fitness room, a gift shop and a petting zoo, with miniature ponies and pygmy goats.

Evenings are very sociable, after dinner, you might want to join in singing round the campfire with a cowboy, take part in some line dancing, watch a movie in the theatre, look up to the clear night sky through large telescopes, handle some local creepy crawlies, even take part in an art class and last but not least watch a good old fashioned Wild West Show, gun spinning and whip cracking included!

Zara and Sunnibhe visited White Stallion in November 2023 – Zara’s Blog below:

Giddy up, saddle up and get ready for laughter, great riding, and a taste of cowboy life!” When Sunnibhe my showjumping daughter insisted we go ranching in the USA as her childhood was spent watching Heartland, I reluctantly agreed (I say reluctantly as I thought I was more into rugged off the beaten track riding adventures)…here is my blog:

From the moment our boots hit the ground at White Stallion Ranch, we knew we were in for a wild ride. The newly upgraded Mexican-style accommodation welcomed us with open arms. Picture this: big wooden beds that seemed fit for royalty, Aztec coverings that made us feel like conquerors of the Wild West, marble bathrooms that elevated my bathing rituals to new heights, and dressing rooms that made us wonder if we had somehow stumbled into a Western version of a royal palace. Oh, and let’s not forget the outdoor fire pit on our personal patio – perfect for marshmallow roasting sessions & Margueritas under the starry Arizona sky.

But hold your reins, because the culinary delights at White Stallion Ranch are no joke. The buffet-style meals were absolutely delicious…those who know me know food is very important and I’m quite fussy. The large, varied salads boasting tasty cheese sides and dressings, delicious vegetables and, those ribs! They were so tender, they quite literally melted off the bone. Another day we sank our teeth into perfectly grilled steaks, paired them creamy mash. And as for the desserts – well, let’s just say we spoiled ourselves silly with irresistible treats that made me forget about calorie counting.

Now, let’s get to the main attraction – the riding. White Stallion Ranch boasts a stunning expanse of 3,000 acres of Cacti desert scenery that will make any rider happy. We trotted and loped through the picturesque landscape, feeling like proper cowgirls. The sandy tracks were perfect for some sporty loping, letting our inner rodeo stars shine. Make sure to stay alert for the occasional tumbleweed crossing your path – because who doesn’t love a little extra exhilaration while riding, right?

White Stallion Ranch has lots of horsey action on site including a weekly rodeo. We witnessed thrilling cattle work and penning competitions firsthand, channeling our inner roping prodigies. Trust me when I say that even seasoned riders would enjoy the fun of it all with the wranglers. In fact the whole scene was so addictive that even Sunnibhe, my daughter, declared that she’d trade her showjumping boots for a cowboy hat any day.

As well as riding we did lots of other stuff such as fat tyre biking in the desert. White Stallion Ranch offers guided rides, complete with little jumps that will make your heart race. You’ll be guided by some of the coolest guides you’ll ever meet – they exude that legendary cowboy charm that will have you feeling like you just stepped onto a movie set.

Next up we took aim at a different target – shooting! White Stallion Ranch indulges your inner markswoman (which I didn’t think was in me!) with pistols, rifles, shotguns, and even muskets loaded with good ol’ gunpowder. Whether you’ve never held a firearm or are an experienced shooter, this is great fun and very real.

Feeling adventurous? Get your harnesses and carabiners ready, because rock climbing awaits you. Scale those rocks with the grace and finesse of true daredevils while taking in the breathtaking views around you. It’s like conquering nature, one cliff at a time. We were sad in our short time we didn’t get to rock climb but had to make choices.

If you’re more inclined to explore on foot, White Stallion Ranch offers fantastic hiking trails that allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the desert.

Of course, after a full on day we loved the much-deserved relaxation on offer. White Stallion Ranch caters to your every need with a fabulous heated pool, hot tub, and a full-service spa.

So I say a round of applause to the incredible people who make White Stallion Ranch a true gem. The True brothers, Russell and Michael, along with their wives, sons, and the entire team of wranglers and staff, create a warm, welcoming, and authentic cowboy experience. With around 40 rooms, the ranch never feels too busy as there is so much going on and so much space, allowing for personal attention and a sense of community. Yes it’s run with the clients in mind and in spite of a 100 head of cattle it’s no longer a “working ranch” but as it’s family run I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered and being on the go 12 hours a day. You can take all day rides into the mountains or you can take shorter rides and pack in the activities…it’s up to you.

Our time at White Stallion Ranch was so much fun that Sunnibhe has already decided to return as a volunteer wrangler once she finishes school. It’s a warm friendly place that captures your heart and makes cowboy dreams come alive. Moreover my husband John has requested we do a family holiday here for his 60th…his dream…so looks like we will be going back in 2024! 🙂

So pack your boots, grab your hat, and make your way to White Stallion Ranch. The Wild West awaits, and it’s ready to embrace you with open arms (and hooves)! Zarax


Horses – With approximately 150 horses to select from, it’s no wonder they have a horse to suit everyone. Mostly, laid back, forward going Quarter horse types.

Level of Riding & Pace – All levels from complete beginner to advanced, there are trail rides and horses to suit everyone.

Tack – Western style tack and riding.

Weight Restriction – 114kg / 250lbs / 17 stone 12lbs.

Group Size – Minimum 1 to a maximum of 15.


This is where we think the ranch excels, the accommodation is recently refurbished, so it’s clean and crisp in a south western style with accents of Mexico and there is a variety of sizes, from a standard single to suites to a Haceinda, all have outside spaces with an outdoor gas fire (perfect for evening cocktails) looking out to cactus gardens, mountain views or nearby corals of horses. All have ensuite, air conditioning and WIFI. There’s a mix of the old ranch house buildings in with the new and it all works seemlessly together.

The ranch is well known for its delicious, home cooked and plentiful meals. During your stay here you will dine like a true cowboy with the chance to savour traditional ranch cookouts, steak bbq’s, Indian oven dinners & perhaps a pizza night.

Meals are buffets style and then you eat either in the indoor dining room or on the lovely patio where tables are set out..your choice.

Breakfast consists of several types of eggs, bacon, beans, fresh breads and delicious melt in mouth pastries, pancakes. There is always a selection of cereals, yoghurts and fresh fruit and of course freshly squeezed juices, coffee and tea.

Lunches offer an abundance of fresh varied salads, sauces, cheeses and nuts along with several main course options such as seasoned baked chicken and chips or quiches or pie.

Dinner again offers an abundance of fresh delicious salads and lots of vegetables too along with several main course options such as vegetarian lasagna, creamy mashed potatoes, ribs off the bone, steaks etc.  Desert could be a chocolate tart with cream or ice cream and apple pie.

There are snacks always available in the dining area and at 6pm each night in the bar delicious appetisers are laid out such as corguette fritters or spicy nachos.


There is no set itinerary but prior to arrival you will sent the program options for the week and you can pre select activities – there is so much to do it’s a good idea to plan to try and get as many experiences as you can. You can be busy from 8.30am to 5.30pm or you can take time out to chill and enjoy the gorgeous pool, hot tub, Spa or just lounge around…it’s your choice. An example of a day could be: Start with an early cowboy cook out breakfast ride in the morning and continue on into the mountains for a remaining 3 hour ride. After a leisurely lunch, head for an exciting Wild West shooting session where you load your gun with gunpowder and shoot targets or perhaps an fat tyre bike intermediate ride which brings you over bumps and jumps with expert guides or a rock climbing session…followed by a team penning competition rounding up cattle before heading to the bar to recount the days adventures.


Zara’s Planet Horse Riding Holidays Guarantee:

All our horse riding holidays hold a price guarantee. We believe in your piece of mind on price when you book one of our horse riding holidays and will refund the difference should you find the same horse riding holiday elsewhere at a lower price.

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