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from £2,680 or €2,300

per person

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is an incredible destination for those who have a passion for horses, horsemanship, and the great outdoors. With its vast backyard spanning 650,000 acres of diverse landscapes in Shell, Wyoming, guests are promised an unforgettable experience exploring trails that offer new adventures each time.

Experience Level

from £1,840 or €2,165

per person

Situated against the stunning backdrop of Montana’s majestic Crazy Mountains, Sweet Grass Ranch stands as a testament to six generations of family dedication to both cattle farming and hospitality.
This diverse landscape invites exploration, promising unforgettable adventures at every turn..

Experience Level

from £190 or €220

per person, per night

Tombstone Guest Ranch gives you a wild western experience just a few miles from the historic town of Tombstone, a proper wild west town best known for one of the most notorious gunfights in history.

Experience Level

from £4,940 or €5,710

per person, 5 nights

Silver Spur Ranch is the the ultimate horse drive adventure in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. Expect fantastic hosts, horses and riding…

Experience Level

from £250 or €290

per person, per night

An exceptional South African horse riding lodge based trip. Amazing hospitality, food & accommodation…great fun riding with safe game, cross country, polo crosse…an equestrian playground keeps clients returning every year…

Experience Level

from £2,810 or €3,235

per person, 7 nights

At Estancia Los Potreros take your first lessons in the game of ‘polo’, or ride sturdy-footed horses with the gauchos across the oldest mountain range in South America. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays Argentina collection…

Experience Level

from £1,295 or €1,490

per person, 7 nights

A unique & remote trail ride across the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays Romania collection…

Experience Level

from £2,330 or €2,690

per person, 14 nights

A unique & remote camping trail ride across the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays Romania collection…

Experience Level

from £1,025 or €1,1195

per person

Sapucai is a special mountain cabin retreat that sits at the foot of the Andes range beside the clear flowing Chubut river. It’s home to Dominic and Tammy Robaina, who live off grid with their beautiful herd of Criolla horses…..

Experience Level

from £4,160 or €4,790

Per person, 7 nights

See exotic animals from horseback in their natural habitat, the largest wetlands of the world. Visited by the lucky few, in few other places on the planet can you can see as much wildlife as in the Pantanal.

Experience Level

from £2,355 or €2,710

Per person, 7 nights

After leaving the island of Florianapolis, we travel to our first fazenda and into the land and pastures we’ll cross with our gauchos guides on our trusty criolla horses…..

Experience Level

from £1,380 or €1,590

per person, 7 nights

White Stallion Ranch has to be one of the top Dude ranches in the USA, which is still able to offer a credible cowboy ranch experience with the service of a boutique style hotel.

Experience Level

from £1,760 or €2,030

Per person, 7 nights

Kara Creek Ranch located in the beautiful Black Hills of Wyoming, U.S.A, Monte Snook and his family offer a truly unique experience.

Experience Level

from £1,400 or €1,615

per person, 7 nights

An authentic working cattle estancia set in Esquina, South West Corrientes Province, 6 hours North of Buenos Aires…

Experience Level

from £745 or €865

per person, 3 nights

Riding is wonderful – on our La Camargue holiday ride out for hours across the delta marshlands taking in the scenery and spotting wildlife or join in on the work with the ‘gardians’. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays France collection…

Experience Level

from £2,205 or €2,550

per person, 7 nights

Bitterroot Ranch provides a quality ranch holiday with serious horse riding in the states with wonderful scenery, hosts & horses. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays USA collection…

Experience Level

from £2,140 or €2,960

per person, 6 nights

Guests at the Rocking Z can join in on many different activities – cattle round-ups, barrel racing, team penning, roping – there’s even trips out to local rodeos! As part of our Horse Riding Holidays USA collection…

Experience Level

from £1,020 or €1,175

per person, 3 nights

Anchor D – the real deal – a riding adventure into the high and rugged country of the Canadian Rockies. Wind your way along crystal clear mountain streams, through high alpine meadows. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays Canada collection…

Experience Level

from £4,620 or €5,390

per person, per 7 nights

Borana Safari Lodge offers a luxury riding safari holiday in Kenya – it’s unique & special ranch provides private accommodation and a very personal, discrete service by the owners…

Experience Level

from £2,620 or €3,050

7 nights

Rancho Las Cascadas is a fabulous cultural experience in Mexico with wonderful riding country and stylish accommmodation. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays Mexico collection…

Experience Level

from £3,500 or €3,965

per person, 7 nights

An exclusive, remote estancia in the breath takingly beautiful Patagonian Lake District region

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Ranch Holidays

Ranch holidays can provide the ultimate horse riding experience for anybody who’s ever looked at a classic old western and dreamt of riding off into the sunset themselves.

Images of John Wayne and Butch Cassidy – and even Billy Crystal in ‘City Slickers’! – spring instantly to mind when you think of the cowboy trails of the old American west. You too can experience those classic moments when you choose from our extensive range of ranch holidays, with something to suit every taste and level of riding ability.

Our ranch holidays aren’t just confined to the good ole U.S. of A, though. You can also follow a trail over the rugged beauty of the Canadian Rockies, head for gaucho country in Latin America, take a ranch holiday safari in South Africa or Kenya, and even enjoy the ranch experience in a beautiful 17th century farmstead in France, for a ranch holiday much closer to home.

We have hand-picked some of the finest ranch holidays available across eight countries, and all have been personally vetted by Jill and I. Remember our price promise too – as we guarantee you won’t find the same holiday at a lower price through any other source. If you do, we’ll refund the difference!
Browse our range of ranch holidays above, or read on for an overview of what we offer.

~ Zara
Signed - Zara Stassin

Ranch Holidays USA

The USA must be the spiritual home of horse riding ranch holidays, due to the cowboy culture of the old west and the long tradition of welcoming others to share the living and working experiences of the countless ranches there. We have ranch holidays in five of the classic cowboy states: Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Ranch Holiday Arizona

Arizona provided the backdrop for many of John Ford’s famous westerns and so its desert scenery and gigantic Saguaro cacti are probably what you conjure up in your mind’s eye when you think of it. We offer you a taste of Arizona at the Tanque Verde ranch, set on 640 acres east of Tucson and close to both Saguaro National Park and the Coronado National Forest. Winner of a prestigious Condé Naste Award of Excellence, it is one of the more luxurious of our ranch holiday destinations and it offers tennis, guided hiking, mountain biking, nature walks, fishing and children’s activities as well as horse riding – so it’s a perfect spot for everybody to enjoy.

Ranch Holiday Colorado

Think Colorado and you’ll be thinking the Rocky Mountains, but think cowboys too with our ranch holiday to the Colorado Cattle Ranch Company. It’s a true working cattle farm that covers several thousand acres and the cowboys there are the 'real deal', who'll show you how to pitch in with tasks like roping and branding calves, checking water, salt, and fences, and genuine cattle drives. It’s not all about work though, as there are also plenty of creature comforts like massages, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, well stocked bar, great food, immaculately clean log cabins accommodation and good old friendly, warm hospitality.

Ranch Holiday Montana

Montana is a treasure of open space and miles upon miles of unspoilt countryside. It’s the fourth largest state in the Union but it ranks 48 of 50 in population density, and it’s known as ‘Big Sky Country’ because the absence of buildings or other development along its horizons makes the sky seem enormous when compared to most other places on earth.

Our ranch holiday in Montana is to the Rocking Z, not far from Yellowstone National Park and the iconic ‘Old Faithful’, and also close to Glacier National Park, which many visitors consider even better. Rocking Z is a real genuine ranch, with few frills, though it is still cosy and accommodating. Your hosts there, Patty and Zack Wirth and family, will teach you about cattle round-ups, barrel racing, team penning, roping, and even take you to the local rodeo with them, if you stay during rodeo season. Overall, it’s as authentic a ranch holiday as you’ll get.

Ranch Holiday Nevada

Nevada is a real slice of the real West, where cattle ranching remains one of the main economic forces outside of tourist hotspots like Las Vegas and Reno.

Our ranch holiday in Nevada is to the Cottonwood Ranch in the north-east of the State, a real, working, cattle ranch which has been operated by the same family for the past five generations, and which was welcomed guests for more than 50 years. Activities there include horseback riding, cattle round-ups, trap shooting, arena games, roping, bird watching, hiking, rock-hunting, and ATV trips – and if you want to round that ranch holiday off with a different type of experience, ask us about our Las Vegas add-on too!

Ranch Holiday Wyoming

Wyoming is known as ‘The Cowboy State’, and for good reason. Ranching is still one of its key industries, while its major public gathering each year is for the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo, held each July.

The Bitterroot Ranch, in the heart of Marlboro Country, is the setting for our Wyoming ranch holiday. It offers a broad range of activities including riding lessons with certified instructors, a cross country jumping course for experienced riders, team sorting, herding cows in the national forest, cattle drives, roundups, and pack trips. There’s a real taste of the classic Wild West too, as you’ll ride out to John Wayne’s gorge and visit Butch Cassidy’s hide-out cabin. It’s suitable for riders of all abilities.

Ranch Holidays Canada

The prairies of the great province of Alberta provide the best examples of the cowboy and ranch culture of Canada. With the majestic Rocky Mountains always on the horizon, your ranch holiday in Alberta will offer the authentic frontier experience, and provide memories that will last a lifetime.

The Anchor D ranch, with three different fantastic trail rides into the Rockies, is one of the ranch holidays we offer in Canada, with perhaps the pick of those rides being a seven-day horseback camping excursion into the Rockies.

For a completely different experience, there’s the Siwash Lake luxury ranch holiday, voted one of the ‘Top 10 Luxury Dude Ranches in North America’ by Forbes Traveller Magazine and which also has the approval of the prestigious Condé Nast organisation.

Whichever you choose, your ranch holiday in Canada will be an unforgettable experience!

Ranch Holidays Mexico

Mexico is a truly unique country with a long-standing horseback culture of both vaqueros and caballeros – with vaqueros being the working cowboys and caballeros being the more gentleman-type ranch owners.

It’s a culture that lives on today, as you will see if you choose our ranch holiday at the intimate and boutique Rancho Las Cascadas. Rides are tailored to your individual requirements and each day is different, while it also offers day trips to the Teotihuacon Pyramids, Mexico City, and the old colonial town of San Miguel.

Rancho Las Cascadas also offers a ‘Highlands and Canyons’ option for intermediate and advanced riders.

Ranch Holidays Argentina

Argentina is one of the horsiest nations in Latin America and is one of our favourite destinations. It’s home to countless estancias (ranches) and magnificent haciendas (large houses), and of course, is also world-famous for its polo tradition too.

We have three great ranch holidays in Argentina, where you can ride out with gauchos and enjoy a true taste of traditional Latin life. There’s the Estancia Don Joaquin, some six hours from Buenos Aires, which remains an authentic working estate; there’s Estancia Huechahue, set on 15,000 acres in the foothills of the Andes in Northern Patagonia; and there’s Estancia Los Potreros, in the region of Cordoba, run by an Anglo-Argentinian family and featuring a herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle.

Ranch Holiday France

You may not immediately think of France when considering a ranch holiday, but our trip to the La Camargue 17th-century farmstead can actually be one of our most challenging cowboy/cowgirl experiences of all.

You’ll have the opportunity to race with the ‘gardians’ (the Camargue cowboys) as they round up cattle and bulls, and will need the skills to ride at pace as you do so. However, La Camargue also has much to offer for beginner and intermediate riders, while a great attraction for all there is the marvellous French cuisine at its own restaurant.

Ranch Holiday South Africa

A stay at Horizons Safari Ranch in South Africa combines the best of a cattle ranching holiday with big game spotting. Your hosts, UK natives Laura and Shane Dowinton, farm 1200 Botswana cattle there, in countryside where elephants abound and hippopotamus, giraffes, and other large plains animals can also be seen.

A stay at Horizons Safari Ranch can be extended into an African Explorer Safari that takes in Botswana as well as South Africa, while we also offer add-on options to both Cape Town and the spectacular Victoria Falls.

Ranch Holiday Kenya

A luxury horse riding ranch holiday in Kenya offers an experience like none other, and we can take you to the Borana Safari Lodge, sitting on 35,000 acres just 16 miles from the equator and some four hours’ drive from Nairobi. It’s in an area frequented by lion, elephant, Jackson’s hartebeest, buffalo and huge herds of antelope, and offers spectacularly stylish accommodation as well as a true safari experience. Tribal visits, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking are other activities offered there.