USA - Tombstone Guest Ranch
Come with an open mind and immerse yourself into the wild wild west of Tombstone. The ranch is small, boutique & themed around a western town but great proper Wild West fun...


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Horse Riding Holidays USA – Tombstone Guest Ranch, Arizona


Tombstone Guest Ranch: Prices 2024

Suitable for all types of riders; beginners to experienced riders and and non riders.

All prices quoted are per person, per night. We recommend combining Tombstone for its unique historic Wild West experience for 2-3 nights with 5-6 nights in nearby White Stallion luxury guest ranch.

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  • Low Season Prices: 9 June – 28 September
    Standard Single – $243
    • GBP: 190
    • EUR: 224

    Standard Double – $258
    • GBP: 202
    • EUR: 237

    Deluxe Double – $243
    • GBP: 190
    • EUR: 224

    Junior Suite – $243
    • GBP: 190
    • EUR: 224

    Premium Suite – $294
    • GBP: 230
    • EUR: 271
  • Mid-Season Prices: 2 January – 10 February, 21 April – 8 June & 29 September – 14 December
    Standard Single – $287
    • GBP: 225
    • EUR: 264

    Standard Double – $255
    • GBP: 200
    • EUR: 235

    Deluxe Double – $287
    • GBP: 225
    • EUR: 264

    Junior Suite – $287
    • GBP: 225
    • EUR: 264

    Premium Suite – $345
    • GBP: 270
    • EUR: 318
  • High Season Prices: 11 February – 20 April & 15 December 2023 – 1 January
    Standard Single – $345
    • GBP: 270
    • EUR: 318

    Standard Double – $319
    • GBP: 250
    • EUR: 294

    Deluxe Double – $345
    • GBP: 270
    • EUR: 318

    Junior Suite – $345
    • GBP: 270
    • EUR: 318

    Premium Suite – $383
    • GBP: 300
    • EUR: 353

Note: Rates are subject to daily exchange rate fluctuations, please refer to our ‘Terms & Conditions’ for full details.

Included – All trail riding, archery, ATV tours, shooting, full board accommodation

Excluded – Flights, transfers, drinks, taxes (7%) & service charge/gratuity (15%).

Tombstone Ranch: Dates 2024

Available all year.

Getting There
International flight to nearest airport is Tucson Airport (1.5 hour drive), an alternative is Pheonix Airport (2.5 hour drive). We can arrange and quote for transfers from Tucson but we recommend renting a car so you can easily visit the town of Tombstone.

We can quote a private transfer from Tucson airport or you can rent a car.

All our horse riding holidays hold a price guarantee. We believe in your piece of mind on price when you book one of our horse riding holidays and will refund the difference should you find the same horse riding holiday elsewhere at a lower price.


Tombstone Guest Ranch is a unique Wild West experience, you’ve got to give this a go if you love Western Movies. There are two Western Cowboy Movies about the town called “Tombstone”…the Kurt Russell one is the better one. The town of Tombstone is one of the most famous Wild West towns in the USA…known for one of the most notorious gunfights ever in 1881! It became one of the last boomtowns in the American frontier and largest silver district in Arizona so lots of history.  The ranch is a 3km dirt track drive from the town and set up around old and new building like a Wild West town..corny but very fun! It’s the perfect spot to embrace the Wild West from cattle round ups twice a year, to riding out with the wranglers in desert landscape, cowboy cookouts at the chuck wagon, delicious cocktails conjured up by your barman dressed in 1800’s gear, cowboy poker sessions late into the night, target shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns in the desert and ATV rides.

It’s a small guest ranch with only 14 rooms so generally guests hang out together and eat hearty home cooked meals in the dining room together. In between activities it is useful to have a car as visiting Tombstone is very worthwhile; as well as being laden in history its a proper Wild West town and lots to do and see including incredible cowboy gear shopping (literally 1000’s of boot choices, belts, cowboy hats and incredible embroidered jeans), there is an enactment of the famous shoot out at OK Coral as well as history tours of the town which give a wonderful insight into the psyche of Western USA.

Once a month a local bull fighting rodeo is hosted right in the town,  please ask us for dates in advance as it’s an incredible spectacle and unique Wild West experience in our view.

The great part is that this is an equally great holiday for non riding partners, kids or friends, because of the setting, there is so many other things to do.

Evenings are very sociable, after dinner, you might want to join in singing or dancing along with the local cowboy bands and singers who drop in, or learn to play cowboy poker, go on a night tour round Tombstone or just sit at the bar enjoying cocktails and recounting the days adventure.

Tombstone Ranch Bog
Zara visited and tested Tombstone on a mother/daughter trip with Sunnibhe in November 2023

As a founding mother of this wonderful travel company I’ve been privileged to travel and ride all over the world and as the years have gone on I tend to favour remote rides in non touristy destinations, often places none of my friends have heard of. So when my 16 year old daughter was given an open book choice of where would she like to ride…she immediately piped up “ranching in the USA” having been a fan of heartland since she was small. A choice I’d never have picked myself but it ended up being such a brilliant holiday we are now planning a family trip there next winter for my husbands 60th!

Turns out the guest ranches in Arizona are the perfect winter adventure. Think mother/daughter trips, or friends together or indeed families. There is something for everyone…horsey people (I’m a big horsey adventurer obviously, Sunnibhe has ridden in Africa and showjumps to 1.20) but also non horsey friends or family would equally have a ball (as my husband says…every boys dream).

We flew from Dublin which was an absolute joy, clearing US immigration in Dublin and flying Aerlingus direct to Los Angeles…great service and plenty of prossecco for me! Arriving into hectic LA in the evening we overnighted in an airport hotel and Sunnibhe got very excited at the choice on ubereats…delivered to our hotel room…of course we over ordered! The next morning we flew Southwest to Tucson, a short 1 hour hop.  We were thrilled when Alamo offered us a free upgrade of a BMW convertible…it was starting to feel like a proper American mother/daughter adventure as we zoomed down the highway music blaring, roof down in the sparkling 28 degrees sunshine. Driving through Arizona I was taken by the vastness of the country with it’s desert like landscape full of large cacti and mountains in the distance…Sunnibhe was fascinated by the “ammunition & fire arms” shops sitting alongside ginormous RV parks as we passed through small towns along the way.

A short 1.5 hour drive brought us to Tombstone, the historic Wild West town now dedicated to tourism but famous as the largest silver mining town in Arizona and the last boomtown in the American frontier. Also known for one of the most notorious gunfights in history there have been two films made called “Tombstone”…apparently the Kurt Russell one is the better and more accurate one!  We skipped the town and headed for the guest ranch a few km down a dirt track…felt like the proper Wild West. The ranch is set up like a town and the team including bar man extraordinaire “Cliff” dressed in old costume. Initially I thought this was a little twee but we totally got into the Wild West atmosphere and experience after short time. Cliff made me some mean cocktails at the bar, followed by a good home cooked dinner in the dining room meeting other guests dinner party style and then a brilliant game of Faro…a proper cowboy gambling game.

The following morning we were up early and off out with wrangler Christina on a ride. The horses are superbly looked after and with the terrain being a mix of rocks and sand the pace was adapted accordingly, walking and some nice loping where the ground permitted….the scenery is stunning. Some of our fellow riders had taken part in a cattle round up the week before which sounded amazing fun. Later we trekked to the shooting range in the desert with Cliff who taught us to target shoot…Sunnibhe and I both shot a pistol, rifle and shot gun…it was great fun and I think I was the best shot! Later I headed off on a Tequila ride while Sunnibhe chilled by the pool and in the hot tub. That evening after another western gambling game Cliff took us on a night time history tour round Tombstone…this was such fun and not he is a total entertaining encyclopedia…it was brilliant…we collapsed into bed then dreaming of gun fights and cowboy adventures…

Next morning we got up early for a cowboy cookout…cowboy coffee on the embers by the chuck wagon…chorizo eggs, spiced beans and the most awesome grated hash browns I’ve ever tasted…yum yum…followed by a good ride out, lunch and then we headed into town.  Shopping is fantastic in Tombstone…for cowboy gear…Sunnibhe co-ohced me to purchase her cowboy boots and a hat, I oogled the embroidered jeans and almost bought…you could definetely do some serious damage…very cool stuff.  But we were in a rush as we coincided our visit with the monthly bull riding rodeo…so headed there at 2pm. For $15 you get great seats. Enjoying a hotdog with everything on it and Coors Light we were ready for action. It didn’t disappoint…you have to take in a rodeo when here…a little prayer and stand to the national anthem followed by insane bull riding….uniquely Wild West and American…an experience!!

As we reminisced on our epic few days I decided I most definitely have to come back and do more cowboy adventures, it’s totally addictive!

So, if you’re seeking an proper cowboy/girl escape, whether with your mother, daughter, partner or a bunch of friends, embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl and head on down to the guest ranches of Arizona. Trust us, you won’t regret saddling up for an unforgettable ride through the heart of the Wild West. Yee-haw! Zaraxx


Horses – With approximately 40 horses to select from there is a good choice for all types of riders.

Level of Riding & Pace – All levels from complete beginner to advanced, there are trail rides and horses to suit everyone.

Tack – Western style tack and riding.

Weight Restriction – 114kg / 250lbs / 17 stone 12lbs.

Group Size – Minimum 1 to a maximum of 10.


The ranch it set up like a mini Wild West Village with the saloon bar on the left and rooms on the right of a main thoroughfare. It’s cutesy kitch! The rooms are all different and whilst not newly done up they are cosy and clean.

The bar and saloon is very welcoming and only open when the barman is there so you have to be a bit flexible. However drinks are served every evening from approx 5pm until 11/12. Meals are plentiful and home cooked. A typical breakfast would be eggs, bacon and hash browns. Lunch could be chips and chicken breast burgers. Dinner could be pork steak with mash and gravy and steamed vegetables with a side salad served and desert of chocolate mousse.


There is no set itinerary but on arrival you can peruse the calendar of activities for the week and put your name down for as many as you want. There are usually a choice of 6 to 8 activities to choose from each day so you can keep as busy as you like.  A sample day where you select what you want to do from a choice below:
8:00 AM — Cowboy Breakfast at the Chuckwagon (weather permitting)
9:00 AM — Slow Ride
10:30 AM — Shooting (minimum age 16)
11:00 AM — Fast Ride (Mandatory to join at least one Slow Ride)
1:00 PM — Lessons
1:00 PM — Archery
2:30 PM — Beer and Cheetos Ride (slow ride)
3:00 PM — Cattle work in arena
7:00 PM — Live music in the saloon


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All our horse riding holidays hold a price guarantee. We believe in your piece of mind on price when you book one of our horse riding holidays and will refund the difference should you find the same horse riding holiday elsewhere at a lower price.

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