Spain - The Doñana Adventure
Incredible riding adventure from the Sevillian countryside through the Doñana National Park to the stunning beaches on beautiful Andalusian horses.


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Horse Riding Holidays Spain – The Doñana Adventure


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Included – All the riding, accommodation, meals and wine with meals

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The Doñana Adventure: Dates 2024

10 – 16 March

Getting There
International flight to Seville.

350EUROS from Seville Airport, per vehicle (1-4 people) or 700EUROS from Malaga Airport (1-4 people)

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Discover this amazing part of Spain, riding incredible horses on a real cross-country adventure as you ride from North to South. Beginning in the tranquil Sevillian countryside down to the spectacular Atlantic beaches, and crossing Europe’s largest wildlife preserve, the Doñana National Park.

Andalusia is not only famous for its cultural richness, its environmental diversity and the open and friendly character of its inhabitants, but also for its magnificent Andalusian horses. The Andalusian horse is renowned for its versatility, it’s kind nature and tractability and it’s incomparable beauty.

You will be riding these amazing horses through varied and unforgettable landscapes, from the rolling and peaceful farmland, through pine forests and shrubland, marshlands, cork woods, impressive cliffs, dunes and sandy beaches. The wildlife will always be present, from many birds such as kites, eagles, flamingos and storks to several types of deer, Iberian lynx, wild boar and wild horses!

The Doñana Adventure includes 3 full day rides (between 4 and 6 hours a day) and two half day rides (between 2.5 and 3 hours) of unforgettable trails on well-suited, well-trained, fit Andalusian or cross-Andalusian horses.

Your main guide is not only a fully qualified riding instructor but also a biologist and is local to the area. There will always be a second guide plus a backup team to ensure the holiday runs smoothly.

The guides speak English and Spanish. High quality lodging and dining has been carefully selected for the evening stops so that this unforgettable adventure does not lack in luxury and ensures the best rest and experience possible.


Horses – Andalusians & Andalusian Crosses

Level of Riding & Pace – Intermediate to Advanced.

Tack – Spanish Western or English style, if you prefer

Weight Restriction – 90kg/14st/198lbs

Group Size – Minimum 4. Maximum 8


You will be lodged in high quality establishments. Your base in Carmona is a the 4-star, Hotel Alcazar de la Reina. Throughout the Doñana Adventure, you will be staying in Hotels and lodges of similar category.
Special care has been taken to give guests the best gastronomic experience, with all the delicious dishes and wines this area has to offer.

Horse Riding Holidays like The Donana Adventure holiday is part of the Zara’s Planet collection of Horse Riding Holidays Spain.


Day 1
Arrive in the afternoon and settle into Hotel Alcazar de la Reina, a former Palace, once the residence of a Queen, which is nestled in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful medieval town of Carmona.
In the evening, you will be joined at the hotel by one of the Epona hosts, for a welcome dinner, where you will meet the rest of the week’s riding members.
After some friendly introductions and conversation, you are free to spend the rest of the evening at your leisure, and to relax before the beginning of what we hope will be an unforgettable week.

Day 2
This first day will be an easy one, you will be collected from the hotel after breakfast and taken on the very short drive to Epona Equestrian Centre just outside Carmona.
Here you can have a chat with our instructors and guides. This is important so they can allocate you the correct horse during your Andalusian adventure. Mount up to go on a morning ride where you will get to meet your guide for the week. This will be an assessment ride and an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.
The ride takes you through tranquil, slightly rolling farmland, scattered with crops of cereals, olives, citrus, and almond trees. It is a charming way to get to know this part of the region, filled with culture and peaceful landscapes. Through the ride, you will pass several Haciendas (olive oil estates), many of which were built around the 16th Century.
Arrive back to the centre for a delicious fresh, home-cooked lunch. After lunch, you will be offered a complimentary transfer to Sevilla for a sightseeing or shopping opportunity. This is a unique city so a visit is highly recommended and really should not be missed.
If you would rather take it easy and would prefer to rest up in preparation for the Doñana Adventure, you will be taken back to your hotel for an easy afternoon in Carmona.

Day 3
After an early breakfast, you will be driven to the stables in the town of Villamanrique and meet the horses that will take you on this unforgettable adventure through Doñana. Mount up and get to know your horse.
There will be a little “test ride” in the centre’s indoor arena and as soon as everyone is feeling comfortable, head off into open country and begin the adventure! Today’s ride is loaded with the folklore and tradition of the area, as you cross the famous Quema river.
This river is where pilgrims are baptized on their first pilgrimage to the village of El Rocío to show their respect and devotion to the Virgin Mary. We will also pass the emblematic Virgen del Rocio monolith. The ride takes us through the famous pine forests of Alznalcollar.
This part of Doñana, with an extension of 30.000 acres is famous for its majestic beauty. The forest is mostly made up of umbrella (stone) pine. This type of pine is native to the Mediterranean and is famous for its delicious pine nuts used to make many dishes, pastries, and sweets in this region, since ancient times.
Ride through the scrubland filled with Mediterranean shrubs such as rosemary, rockrose, heather, and palm hearts. This vegetation provides the perfect habitat for wildlife, with many birds of prey in the area such as different types of Eagles and black Kites, and depending on the time of year, it will be very easy to see dozens of storks nesting in the treetops.
Lunch will be at a famous Venta, popularly frequented by the locals. Here you will have the opportunity to taste the delights of the local cuisine of this Sevillian region. After lunch, ride back to Villamanrique, the oldest town in the Doñana environment.
You will spend the night in the Ardea Purpurea lodge. This luxurious lodge is charmingly cosy. It has been designed and built using the materials and the unique architectural style of the area, most strikingly, the thatched roofs.
Rest in your comfortable porched room or stroll through the extensive gardens before meeting the rest of the group for dinner in the lodge’s restaurant, famous for its exquisite dishes, it has been in the Michelin guide for eight consecutive years.

Day 4
Today’s ride takes you to discover the northern part of the Heart of Doñana, which the locals call “El Coto”(the Reserve). Ride the same sandy tracks that pilgrims use on their religious journey to the Basilica church and village of El Rocio. They call this cross-country path through the heart of Doñana the Raya Real (Royal Strip).
These tracks and the whole area are completely closed off from the general public as it is wildlife preserve. Brotherhoods of pilgrims get a special permission to use them on the week of the pilgrimage which is in May, but no one gets to enter the park the rest of the year except a couple of licensed and selected bird watching companies and some very few and selected horseback adventures like this one.
The scenery in this area is stunning. The ride takes you through wooded areas of stone pine and eucalyptus, and through scrubland formed by aromatic thickets that impregnate the path with delicious aromas such as rosemary, lavender, rockrose and heather. Halfway you will arrive at the Royal Palace, an ancient hunting estate that was used by Spanish Kings and royalty since it was built in the 13th century. This is the perfect place for a picnic. After a short break continue your way through grasslands and pastures dotted with cork oaks and mastic trees.
These oak groves are the ideal habitat for many birds. More than 80 species of vertebrates inhabit this area of the reserve, and more than half are birds, such as the Imperial Eagle, Short-toed Eagle or Pito Rea (Woodpecker). You may be lucky to spot the Iberian lynx, wild boar or foxes. It is very common to see several types of deer during this part of the journey. Towards the end of the route, cross the famous Ajolí bridge that takes you to the gates of the Village of El Rocio. Before the end of the day, visit the marshes loaded with natural life such as flamingos, herons and other water birds followed by a glass of sherry or wine on horseback in the local style!
Stay in one of the villages best Hotels with views to the Marshlands. Dinner in the hotel restaurant with the rest of the group and the guides to sample the local cuisine and wines.

Day 5
You are now riding entirely in the province of Huelva. Today, the ride heads south, from the village of El Rocio to the virgin beaches of Doñana. Pass through some of the most popular places in the park, such as the famous Rociana lagoon where the brotherhoods of pilgrims arriving from the western parts of Andalusia are baptised.
This area of great beauty and environmental richness is the perfect habitat for wildlife with species such as roe deer, red deer, and wild horses. Halfway there, we will make a stop to taste a typical country lunch, accompanied by wines from the Doñana county.
Finally, the path takes you to the Mazagón beaches. Spend the night in its Parador, a luxurious Hotel with ocean views and direct access to the beach. The Hotel has a non-heated outdoor and indoor heated pool, sauna, and massage service.
Dinner at the Hotel will be the group together with the guides.

Day 6
This last ride is a half day ride. It is quite impressive and of great beauty. You will visit the coast of Doñana, with its dunes, cliffs, and beaches.
From the top of the Asperillo Dune, the highest and most important in Doñana, there are amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. The line of fossil and mobile dunes that form the cliffs of Doñana is the most important in Europe.
Make your way down to the immense beaches, and then it will be time for a long canter. The sound of the waves, and the splashing of horses in the water is a fabulous feeling of freedom. The duration of this ride is about 3 hours. After the ride is the only sad part of the trip, time to say goodbye to the horses and last minute pictures.
Today, lunch will be at a nearby restaurant in the fishing village of Mazagón, by the sea. After lunch it is time to return to the base Hotel in Carmona. Your afternoon and evening in Carmona can be used to rest. The Hotel has a massage service (on request), and a salted outdoor pool. Or it can be used as an opportunity to visit this beautiful medieval town. Dinner will be at the hotel.

Day 7
After breakfast, you will be offered complimentary transfers to the airport or train station at 8.00 and 11.00. If you want to arrange transfers outside these hours or the next day, a taxi service can be organised.


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