Mexico - Central Highlands Trail
Discover the hidden gem of Mexico's Central Sierra


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Horse Riding Holidays Mexico – Central Highlands Trail


Central Highlands Trail: Prices 2024

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  • 8 nights / shared accommodation – $2,725
    • GBP: 2,135
    • EUR: 2,508
    per person sharing.
    Single Supplement – $325
    • GBP: 255
    • EUR: 299

Note: Rates are subject to daily exchange rate fluctuations, please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Includes – All riding, transfers during the trail, full board accommodation, soft drinks, tequila & cocktail tasting

Excludes – Flights, airport transfers, alcohol, museum & attraction entrance tickets and tips

Central Highlands Trail: Dates 2024

5 – 13 August
6 – 14 September

Getting There
International flight to Mexico City then internal flight to  Guanajuato International Airport BJX

At the airport, a taxi rank/office is situated outside the arriving hall, with registered taxis available to take you to your hotel. Uber is also readily available via their app. Alternatively, private transfers can be arranged in advance and payable on-site. Private transfer costs are approximately as follows –

Taxi Service (Up to 4 passengers):

Airport to Meeting Point: $65 USD
Meeting Point to Airport: $120 USD
Private Transfer (Up to 6 passengers):

Airport to Meeting Point: $95 USD
Meeting Point to Airport: $160 USD

All our horse riding holidays hold a price guarantee. We believe in your piece of mind on price when you book one of our horse riding holidays and will refund the difference should you find the same horse riding holiday elsewhere at a lower price.


Picture yourself on a horseback expedition, traversing mountains, picturesque landscapes, quaint mining towns, and abandoned mines, all while immersing yourself in the essence of Mexican culture.
Discover the hidden gem of Mexico’s Central Sierra, a pristine sanctuary known to only a select few. Led by experienced guides, you’ll meander through enchanting natural settings, encounter charming villages, and delve into the rich tapestry of rural life in the mountains.
Experience the thrill of an authentic horseback expedition, mirroring the ancient journeys of yesteryear, amidst the highlands of central Mexico. As you journey through Guanajuato state’s diverse terrain, home to a myriad of wildlife including pumas, coyotes, and eagles, you’ll witness nature in its purest form.
This expedition offers everything you need for an unforgettable experience – from expert guides and well-trained horses to 4×4 support vehicles. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites like San Miguel de Allende, Atotonilco, and Guanajuato, adding cultural depth to your adventure.
Located at the heart of Mexico, Guanajuato beckons with its colonial charm and historic allure, making it the perfect gateway to an unforgettable journey through mountains and villages.


Horses – Azteca, Quarter horse and Mexican Criollo

Level of Riding & Pace – Intermediate to advanced rider

Tack – Mexican, very similar to Western and Western

Weight Restriction – 17.3 stone / 110 kg / 243 lbs.

Group Size – 4 to 10


Accommodations vary from cosy hotels to rustic campsites, reflecting the heritage of the Chichimeca tribes who once inhabited these lands. Prepare to be enchanted by the untouched beauty of the region, where the only companions are the whispers of rivers, the rustle of leaves, and the calls of birds.

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Day 1
Riders will be greeted at 17:00 hrs. at the meeting point in Guanajuato city area agreed previously, and then we will be transferred to Rancho Colomitos, traditional Mexican ranch.
Upon arrival to the Ranch. the riders will have the opportunity to meet the rest of our staff and get to know about the journey’s details and explanation. All this will occur during the reception, with a delicious welcome cocktail on the terrace of the ranch.
A welcome dinner is organized at the Ranch, where a Ranchero barbecue will be prepared by our cooks, enlivened by soft Mexican music and the light of our terrace campfire.

Day 2
After a delicious breakfast, and an appropriate allocation of horses to riders, we will start our adventure from Colomitos towards the mountain range of Peregrina, the mountain is part of the massif of Central Sierra, at the mountain range it is located a small mining abandoned village that holds the stories and legends of the place. As we pass through this unique place, we shall see some silver vein on the ground.
We will ride along the old trail that borders a mountainous area and passes through a cave that contains a spring of clear water, seeping through the mountains of Peregrina. We will go on ascending with these natural areas, into the woodland, home of hundreds of species, such as mountain lions, coyotes, raccoons, armadillos, and many others.
Today’s journey takes us to the “valley of blue birds” where we will install our camp and enjoy our first night in this magnificent natural setting.
At night, we will enjoy a ranch-style “roast dinner”, prepared by our guides.

Day 3
With the sound of birds and the smell of fresh coffee, is like waking up in heaven. The guides will have ready for us a delicious country breakfast that we will enjoy before continuing the adventure.
After a delicious breakfast at the campsite, we will continue our adventure riding our horses all the way to Guanajuato, a colonial city with beautiful buildings that contain the elements from the two main cultures that created the city, Indian and Hispanic, and marking the source of our nation, conserves its architectural features and environment. Protected by its inhabitants and government, state and municipal, Guanajuato was declared by UNESCO as the “Historic Town of Guanajuato and Adjacent Mines” in December 1988. “Today it is considered the most beautiful colonial city of Mexico”.
Dinner will be in a nice restaurant in of the several plazas the beautiful city has, where every night, regional music groups, like Mariachis, bands or trios delight walkers with rancheras era songs, in the dim light of the place which revokes us the past time and creates a magical atmosphere.

Day 4
After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, Today’s journey with the natural landscape will keep getting us amazed, especially when we will approach to the Santa Rosa Mountains, which reach heights of 2,800 meters above sea level.
We will pass by old buildings dating from the colonial era, and today have been reduced to ruins, largely because of treasure hunters, who during centuries have searched in this area for hidden treasures. We will see ancient “haciendas”, abandoned mine shafts, and wonderful rock formations.
We will then get to our next destination, the village of Santa Rosa, small settlement nestled in the heart of the Sierra. This is a typical Mexican landscape of mountain villages, famous for its based natural products-based cuisine.
In the afternoon, we will enjoy a tequila tasting at the mountain retreat saloon by the terrace, accompanied by soft Mexican music, to complete the day journey. By the evening, we will enjoy a delicious typical Mexican cuisine dinner, which for its originality and various flavours, colours, smells, and textures, is proudly recognized by UNESCO as intangible and oral heritage of humanity.

Day 5
After our breakfast at the mountain retreat, we get ourselves ready for this day through the heart of central highlands. It is the most bio-diversified area of the state, full of big mountains, with oak, pine, and arbutus forests. We will be followed during the journey by bird sounds, and surrounded by majestic natural environments, to get to our next destination, the mountain of Guamares, which owes its name to one of the Chichimeca tribes who inhabited the area hundreds of years ago.
During the day we will have the opportunity to pass by the old mine “El Molino” which was, during the colonial era, very important for his silver vain.
At night in the camp, we will enjoy a delicious dinner, prepared by our guides.

Day 6
After our delicious breakfast served by our guides at the camp site, we will continue our horse expedition through mountains of the central highlands. This day is a day mountain side horse walks, crossing pumas, coyotes, and wildcats’ territories, in the highlands of central Mexico.
We will observe sites which, during the Revolutionary War, were hidden army barracks for “Pancho Villa” and his brave soldiers.
In the evening, we will return to our camp to enjoy dinner and night.
At night in the camp, we will enjoy a delicious dinner, prepared by our guides and of course the comforting pleasure of sitting at the fire to tell the experiences of the day.

Day 7
After breakfast, with majestic views of the mountains we will continue our journey on horseback descending from the mountainous area to enter a semi-desert zone, surrounded by cacti and desert trees, crossing small typical Mexican villages surrounded by a unique personality that characterizes the typical landscapes of Mexico, so we continue riding our horses until we reach the thermal waters of El Gallinero Ranch, where we will spend the night.
Upon arrival we can enjoy a rich bath in its thermal waters that will provide a comforting rest before enjoying dinner in this wonderful place.

Day 8
After breakfast and enjoy another dip in the exquisite hot springs of the ranch, we will be transferred by car to the city of Dolores Hidalgo.
This day we will have the wonderful fortune of visiting, one of the most important historical cities of Mexico, known as the “Cradle of Mexican Independence”, since his parish’s court witnessed the famous cry for freedom (Grito de Libertad), which was the initial call to take up arms against the colonial regime and the Spanish crown. It was initiated by Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, at daybreak, on September 16th, 1810. We will make a brief tour on our horses, from the historic centre, visiting some of the most emblematic buildings from the war for independence of Mexico.
In the evening, we will have the opportunity to visit the “Wine Museum”, enter to a “Real Mexican Cantina” or just walk around and visit stores with a great variety of local handicrafts, and later that day we will enjoy our Dinner in a typical and unique Mexican restaurant, located in the main garden. It is an old house dating back from the eighteenth century and known for serving delicious traditional dishes, lit by fireflies flitting through the gardens and the fresh scent flowers. We will enjoy the culinary arts of the area, mainly based on natural products, which by its simplicity excites the senses.
In the evening, we will enjoy a fun farewell cocktail.

Day 9
Breakfast will be taken at the hotel. 12:00 pm, end of our services.


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