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Fantastic trail rides in the Rocky Mountains, authentic Western experience!


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Horse Riding Holidays Canada – Anchor D Ranch


Anchor D Ranch: Prices 2024

Suitable for horse fit riders intermediate and above. Non riders can be accommodated in chuck wagons as can children. Rates are quoted per person sharing. Anchor D is a set date departure ride.
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  • 4 Day Adventurer Ride – $1,270
    • GBP: 1,020
    • EUR: 1,193
  • Great Divide Ride – $2,353
    • GBP: 1,890
    • EUR: 2,210
  • Lost Trail Trip – $2,534
    • GBP: 2,035
    • EUR: 2,380
  • North Rim to Ranch – $2,534
    • GBP: 2,035
    • EUR: 2,380

Note: Rates are subject to daily exchange rate fluctuations, please refer to our ‘Terms & Conditions’ for full details.

Includes – All the riding, accommodation, meals & drinks. The ranch has no alcohol licence, but guests are encouraged to stock up on their way and enjoy in the evenings round the campfire.

Excludes – Flights, transfers, Canadian Sales Tax of 5% & tips.

Anchor D Ranch: Dates 2024

4 Day Adventurer Ride

17 – 20 June
1 – 4 July
22 – 25 July
5 – 8 August
19 – 22 August
2 – 5 September

Great Divide Ride
24 – 30 June
15 – 21 July
26 August – 1 September
9 – 15 September

Lost Trail Trip
29 July – 4 August

North Rim to Ranch
12 – 18 August

Getting There
International flight to Calgary.

The ranch is a 1 hour drive from the airport. We can arrange a transfer to pick you up or you may want to self drive and hire a car.

Note: Rates are subject to daily exchange rate fluctuations, please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details.

All our horse riding holidays hold a price guarantee. We believe in your piece of mind on price when you book one of our horse riding holidays and will refund the difference should you find the same horse riding holiday elsewhere at a lower price.


Anchor D – this is the real deal – a riding adventure into the high and rugged country of the Canadian Rockies. And it’s just as you imagine – horse and rider winding their way along crystal clear mountain streams, through high alpine meadows and over mountain passes. Your ‘Anchor D’ hosts are Dewy and Jan Matthews, who have been riding and exploring these incredible mountain ranges for 25 years – as a result, you just know you are out riding with the best!

At Anchor D we offer 3 different and fantastic trail rides, which are very much the authentic Western experience and make for a fantastic riding holiday in Canada. You will be riding quality horses and enjoying some of the most breath taking scenery you have ever experienced. At Anchor D there are stationary holidays available too, but the highlight is definitely rolling out of camp, with a team of draft horses pulling the chuck wagon, carrying supplies for the next 7 days.

Days are spent exploring the high mountain ranges, riding in the direction of that nights camp. On arrival at Anchor D, there’s a welcoming fire, a wholesome hearty meal and some cold beers – if you play a musical instrument, be sure to bring it with you, and partake in the campfire ‘entertainment’; enjoy the ambience of the crackling wood, the strum of the guitar and some good old Western singing!


Horses at Anchor D – A really good team of horses, which are well trained and include Quarter horses, Appaloosas, Quarter horse/Belgian and Appaloosa/Belgian.

Level of Riding & Pace – Intermediate to Advanced.

Tack – Western.

Weight Restriction – 21 stones / 136 kg / 300 lb.

Group Size at Anchor D – Maximum 12.


Trail Rides

Enjoy good old outdoor camping, which is made as comfortable as possible for guests with cot beds. The food is freshly prepared each day with hearty breakfasts, lunch picnics and bbq steak dinners, cowboy style.


There are also 2 rustic cabins at the ranch at Anchor D available for rental. They are really authentic with lovely views and come with all mod cons. You have the option to book them self catering, B&B, half or full board. Grandpas Cabin is suited for couples and Hunters Cabbing for bigger groups like families or friends.

We have travelled the world testing a huge variety of horse riding holidays to make sure we offer you, our client, the best horse riding holiday experience possible.

Our horse riding holidays are thoroughly researched – we consider all the elements that go towards making our horse riding holidays collection the best in the world. We check the quality of the horses, if they are fit for the job, well produced and looked after. We make sure the riding terrain is good going, the countryside is interesting and, for example, on Classic Dressage horse riding holidays, the arenas are in good condition. We make sure the accommodation, whether it’s a five star hotel, a farmhouse or camping, is clean and comfortable, and offers a great night’s sleep. The food is all important too – we take the time to make sure we tell you if it’s cordon bleu, home cooked, or regional and locally sourced – above all it has to be delicious, plentiful and nourishing. Last but not least, we choose the horse riding holidays that have the best hosts, who are friendly, warm and welcoming.

It’s only when all these elements come together that we add a horse riding holiday into our hand-picked collection of horse riding holidays.

Horse Riding Holidays at Anchor D are part of the Zara’s Planet collection of Horse riding Holidays Canada.

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  • Ranch based holiday
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Spruce Meadows


There are 3 different trail rides to choose from.

The Great Divide

Two teams of draft horses and covered wagons are used to transport the food, camp and duffle to the three different camps that we stay in during the trip. While the wagons roll through the lower elevations, you hit the high mountain trails that take you above the timberline, past tumbling mountain streams and through stands of virgin timber. By the time you get to the next camp, the mess tent is set up and a welcome cup of coffee is ready for you.

The Lost Trail

Deep in the heart of the Alberta Rockies, you are going to explore trails that don’t see much more than elk and big horn sheep. This is not a ride for beginners and be ready to have an ‘explore as you go’ attitude. There is a team and wagon to haul the camp, a truck to move the horses and riders to different areas during the trip – to speed up the progress from one mountain area to another. We are going to ride in the highest and wildest areas we can find.

Northern Rim to Ranch

The ride starts at the North Rim of our mountain area on the Little Elbow and works its way south through three major river drainages and five different mountain ranges, ambling towards the ranch on the last day. We roll into three different camps during the 7 days and the trail incorporates two of the most breathtaking, high mountain rides in the Rockies.


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All our horse riding holidays hold a price guarantee. We believe in your piece of mind on price when you book one of our horse riding holidays and will refund the difference should you find the same horse riding holiday elsewhere at a lower price.

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