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Testimonials from Horse Riding Holidays in Europe


European Horse Riding Holidays Testimonials

Listed below are testimonials that our friends and clients have left for us after their European Horse Riding Holidays adventures! Feel free to browse through them and find out what you’re missing by not booking your Horse Riding Holidays with us yet!

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Jane Young on Sierra Tejeda, Spain

We had a fabulous time, it really was super to return. In a bizarre way it felt like going home, so comfortable and relaxing plus a huge amount of fun. The horses are all doing so well and as always Donna, Jeff etc looked after us so well.

The feria really was something else. I have never experienced anything quite like it - exciting, exhilarating, and nerve racking all at the same time. Both Graham and I really enjoyed ourselves, we truly did. We can't wait to go back.

Jane Young from England 25/10/2014

Jane & Sarah on Vikings Trail, Iceland

I just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for organising a wonderful holiday for Sarah and I. Iceland was everything I thought it would be. I felt that you really delivered on what you promised. The horses were all in great condition and seemed very happy in their work.

The guide who accompanied us, Jona, is a very special lady. Her language skills and her empathy with the group was amazing. She seemed to bond with everyone in a different way. She was very self-effacing and rode along at the end of the ride with an eye out to make sure everyone was OK and enjoying themselves.

Jane & Sarah Evans from Ireland 24/10/2014

Wendy Roberts on Golden Circle Trail, Iceland

I can say without exception that this has been the best holiday ever. Everything was ace, the country, scenery, terrain, horses, guides – it really was ‘tip-top’. If I could only use 1 word to describe the holiday it would be ‘WOW’. Many thanks for being so helpful.

Wendy Roberts from UK 24/10/2014

Tiggy on La Camargue, France

The food really was utterly exceptional - the chef has completed 7 years with Alain Ducasse and it was very evident in the beauty of the dishes and the glorious flavours. We spent our days riding, bird watching and exploring the barren charms of the salt pans and beach returning to the house for a wonderful 4 course dinner on the terrace by candlelight.

Tiggy from London, UK 24/10/2014

Alex Medhurst on Le Bourdil Blanc, France

This was a memorable holiday and as I took my last gallop up the hill back to Bourdil Blanc, my stomach full of cheese and my bottom now as comfortable in my saddle as in an old armchair, I wondered if I could just stay another week.

Alex Medhurst Journalist, Horse & Hound Magazine, UK 24/10/2014