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Testimonials from Horse Riding Holidays in Europe


European Horse Riding Holidays Testimonials

Listed below are testimonials that our friends and clients have left for us after their European Horse Riding Holidays adventures! Feel free to browse through them and find out what you’re missing by not booking your Horse Riding Holidays with us yet!

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Rhona on Flowerhill Cross Country Riding, Ireland

Flowerhill is by far the best cross country riding experience I’ve ever had. I can’t describe how amazing Oliver and his horses are – I now have a horse on livery there... that says it all!

Rhona Fitzpatrick from Dublin 07/11/2014

Alex Medhurst on Le Bourdil Blanc, France

This was a memorable holiday and as I took my last gallop up the hill back to Bourdil Blanc, my stomach full of cheese and my bottom now as comfortable in my saddle as in an old armchair, I wondered if I could just stay another week.

Alex Medhurst Horse & Hound Magazine 07/11/2014

Carla Fugaccia on Wilds of Exmoor, UK

As you know we've had a fair bit of riding and riding holiday experience under our belts and I'd say the horses were right up there with the best I've ever ridden. Stephany encourages guests to try different horses throughout the holiday so out of 5 rides I tried out four horses.

It's easy to see why this is encouraged as each was a dream and the only difficulty was trying to decide which was a favourite!

Carla Fugaccia from UK 04/11/2014

Kate Kellaway on Transylvania Trail, Romania

This was a trail ride – but 'trail' does not describe its exhilarating pace (although speed is always dictated by the weakest rider in the group). The riding in Romania is sensational, with uninterrupted miles of pasture and woodland. No gates, no fences.

On the first day, we headed north up to a ridge with views across the high Carpathian range. The countryside has a landscaped look, as if a Romanian Capability Brown had been at work: meadows with free-standing oaks, beeches and hornbeams and, occasionally, a tree clotted with mistletoe. Spring had not yet arrived – the beech woods were bare. But even this weirdly indeterminate season was beautiful, with its silver birches and golden leaves. And when we dismounted for the simple daily picnic, we would come across wild flowers – wood anemones, hellebores, dog's-tooth violets – making themselves visible with shy persistence.

Kate Kellaway Guardian Newspaper 03/11/2014

Laura on Classical Dressage, Portugal

The horses were amazing. Each one is stunningly beautiful and very well trained. Some were more sensitive and responsive, others were more forgiving of our attempts to recreate the movements.

They were very well looked after, each morning they were vacuumed by the groom using a henry hoover with a brush attachment! I rode several different horses and learned something from all of them.

I loved the trip and I would like to return in the future. It was exactly my sort of riding and I'm really glad I went.

Laura Davidson from Scotland 03/11/2014

Tricia on Endurance Training, Italy

I had always wanted to do some endurance riding and didn't have a clue how to start or what was expected, so I was really excited about doing this holiday.

Not only did Paula give me a great insight into the endurance world but also how I could get started with my own horse back home and gave me a great understanding of all the rules and how to approach - and done in such a relaxed and fun atmosphere, with the sun shining!

Off now to try my hand and start planning for a return trip next year!

Tricia Harforth from UK 03/11/2014

Claire on Bel-Air Country House, Ireland

Wow! What a super weekend! Great riding, horses, hospitality and we adored the old world charm... we will definitely book another weekend before the summer.

Claire Norman from London 03/11/2014

Daisy Finer on Homoki Lodge, Hungary

The gallop through the tobacco fields and wild flowers is possibly the most sensational ride ever. The evenings are also a highlight - the galloping grooms turn into dashing, twinkle-toed dancing partners, as chivalrous as any cavalier. Don't write off Hungary as boring - this is a real gem. Those in the know keep it a closely guarded secret. Even the most intrepid riders will be enthralled.

Daisy Finer Tatler Magazine, Travel Guide 2013 02/11/2014

Phil & Pam on Aveyron Farmhouse, France

Sheer magic! Nothing can compare to that incredible thrill of swimming with the horses. And what rides! Then to come back to the pool and delicious food and wine with great company. This definitely goes down as a holiday of a lifetime. Thanks guys!

Phil, Pam, Natasha & Olivia from UK 02/11/2014

Lynne on Country & Beach Trail in Sardinia, IT

Your organisation and flexibility and commitment to getting a bespoke programme suited to our needs. Your thoughtfulness re: gifts sent to us (lovely and personal) The scenery was absolutely stunning (particularly the coastline) and I have to say knocked Spain for six.

The hotel was gorgeous – the surroundings, the ambience the way the horses just roamed around the grounds and the dogs would run to greet you – felt really homely – pool area very nice – I had a massage which was fantastic.

The staff at the hotel couldn’t have done more – they were superb.

We had two days riding in the countryside and 4 days riding from the beach which we didn’t know was happening but I think was a bonus due to the scenery – we rode just the four of us which was

The riding was good and they were very safety conscious – we would have liked to go faster (you know what Colin’s like) we had some nice long canters and sometimes it was more challenging which made it fun going around trees, corners, bushes etc but you know Colin he would have liked a full out gallop but everything else was so super we didn’t mind and had to bear in mind the heat for the horses.

Lynne Jones from England 25/10/2014