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Testimonials from Horse Riding Holidays in Europe


European Horse Riding Holidays Testimonials

Listed below are testimonials that our friends and clients have left for us after their European Horse Riding Holidays adventures! Feel free to browse through them and find out what you’re missing by not booking your Horse Riding Holidays with us yet!

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Melanie & Mike on Tuscany Riding Holiday, Italy

I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday and I have not been on a horse riding holiday before as I thought it wasn't for for me and how wrong I was! So where to next with Zara's Planet or maybe we will return to Il Paretaio in Tuscany again just to visit Marcoz and Fiona and Ivoire - Oh! they were all lovely!

Melanie & Mike Shirley Horse Magazine Competition Winners 2011 08/11/2014

McNeil Family on I Due Laghi, Italy

Little did we know that when we arrived here at 'I Due Laghi', we had found a small slice of paradise! The wonderful staff, the magnificent horses and glorious landscapes - everything is perfect. Special thanks to Matteo for making us feel so welcome, to Antonio and Angelo for taking such good care of us in the restaurant and ESPECIALLY to Maria and Stefano for making our week of riding absolutely magical!

McNeil Family from UK 08/11/2014

Carol Dobson on Sardinia Trails, Italy

This ride rates as above average in my opinion in several categories (I’ve ‘done’ 18 holiday rides that could be used for comparison). Specifically with regard to the terrain, the horses, the accommodation, the pool, the tack, the guides, the staff. I felt very relaxed and all of us were able to relax whilst on our horses as well as during the lovely afternoons by the pool. This was a great holiday and a lovely place, on an island that is well worth visiting.

Carol Dobson from UK 08/11/2014

Peter & Joan on Hunting in Ireland

Hunting in Ireland is just the most addictive thing I've ever done in my life... the horses are fantastic from O'Neills yard... its point and go. I'll most certainly be back!

Peter & Joan Malone from Surrey 07/11/2014

Joyce on Killarney Trails Horse Riding Holiday, Ireland

Our dream finally came true thanks to you guys... I highly recommend Killarney Trails for daughter and mother trips... the O'Sullivans are fab hosts and run a slick trail... We are hooked and ready for more!

Joyce Maxwell from Sussex 07/11/2014

Jackie on Connemara Trail Ride, Ireland

Simply awesome riding, in a beautiful country with the friendliest of hosts made our Irish riding experience, our best holiday to date.

Jackie & Edward Lawson from New York 07/11/2014

Rhona on Flowerhill Cross Country Riding, Ireland

Flowerhill is by far the best cross country riding experience I’ve ever had. I can’t describe how amazing Oliver and his horses are – I now have a horse on livery there... that says it all!

Rhona Fitzpatrick from Dublin 07/11/2014

Alex Medhurst on Le Bourdil Blanc, France

This was a memorable holiday and as I took my last gallop up the hill back to Bourdil Blanc, my stomach full of cheese and my bottom now as comfortable in my saddle as in an old armchair, I wondered if I could just stay another week.

Alex Medhurst Horse & Hound Magazine 07/11/2014

Carla Fugaccia on Wilds of Exmoor, UK

As you know we've had a fair bit of riding and riding holiday experience under our belts and I'd say the horses were right up there with the best I've ever ridden. Stephany encourages guests to try different horses throughout the holiday so out of 5 rides I tried out four horses.

It's easy to see why this is encouraged as each was a dream and the only difficulty was trying to decide which was a favourite!

Carla Fugaccia from UK 04/11/2014

Kate Kellaway on Transylvania Trail, Romania

This was a trail ride – but 'trail' does not describe its exhilarating pace (although speed is always dictated by the weakest rider in the group). The riding in Romania is sensational, with uninterrupted miles of pasture and woodland. No gates, no fences.

On the first day, we headed north up to a ridge with views across the high Carpathian range. The countryside has a landscaped look, as if a Romanian Capability Brown had been at work: meadows with free-standing oaks, beeches and hornbeams and, occasionally, a tree clotted with mistletoe. Spring had not yet arrived – the beech woods were bare. But even this weirdly indeterminate season was beautiful, with its silver birches and golden leaves. And when we dismounted for the simple daily picnic, we would come across wild flowers – wood anemones, hellebores, dog's-tooth violets – making themselves visible with shy persistence.

Kate Kellaway Guardian Newspaper 03/11/2014