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Testimonials from Horse Riding Holidays in America


American Horse Riding Holidays Testimonials

Listed below are testimonials that our friends and clients have left for us after their American Horse Riding Holidays adventures! Feel free to browse through them and find out what you’re missing by not booking your Horse Riding Holidays with us yet!

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Laura & Michael on Bitterroot Ranch, USA

The riding was the most phenomenal we've ever had. The horses were all big hearted and fun to ride. Every ride made a lasting impression; our walk on the secret path by the river; the fantastic prairie gallop; the roller coaster and the cross country course with Mel; the exhilarating canters with Bayard and our cattle drives with Richard.

The riding made the holiday, but all the other stuff made it unforgettable - the beautiful log cabin, the inspired meals, the delicious wine and the great company.

Laura & Michael Sheridan from UK 06/11/2014

Andrea on Cottonwood Ranch, USA

Rounding up stray cattle is very satisfying, reuniting a wandering calf with his mother is very fulfilling and driving wild horses is definitely very exhilarating! It's all hard work but at the end of each day there is a great feeling of accomplishment and of course there's no better way to congratulate oneself on a task well done than to enjoy a few cold beers back at the ranch.

It is definitely a holiday with a difference and the most fantastic trip I've ever made. I can't wait to go back!

Andrea Driver from UK 06/11/2014

Noirin on Tanque Verde Luxury Ranch, Arizona

I just wanted to let you know that we had the best holiday ever at the ranch. Everything was great ; our room was beautiful - sitting area with a bed each for the kids and a separate bedroom for ourselves. The food was great (I have 5lbs to lose!), and the riding was fantastic and very well organised.

Noirin Leach & family from Ireland 06/11/2014

Tim & Cathie on Rocking Z Ranch, USA

It is with huge regret that Cathie & I have to leave after just a week at the Rocking Z Ranch. if it weren't for our two small children waiting at home, we would be looking for an excuse to stay - even working!

It is not going to be possible to put into words all the things we have done and enjoyed, nor to select any individual details over another. Suffice to say - this week was beyond our wildest hopes and dreams in EVERY respect. Put simply 'our best holiday of all time'.

Tim & Cathie from UK 06/11/2014

Alexandra on Anchor D, Canada

On our final day, we ford a river and climb through drifts of buttercups to Old Baldie, a high treeless pass. We've travelled some 70 odd miles and not one of us wants to leave. We dismount and tether the horses, pulling a final picnic lunch from our saddlebags.

There is little conversation. The peace rolls over us in waves. Sitting there, the warm wind on my face, flowers at my feet, I try to drink it all in, to fix it in my mind, while all around the cowboys and girls snooze in the long grass.

Alexandra Ferguson Telegraph Newspapers 06/11/2014

Rosey on Atlantic Coast Ride, Uruguay

I yearn to be back in Uruguay, I loved everything about it - Life seems such a dismally gaucho-free zone. It's so dull without glimpses of their amazing belts, boots, hats and their absolutely virtuoso riding...

Rosey from London 02/11/2014

Joules & Duncan on Sacred Valley Ride, Peru

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Jill for organising what you described as a trip of a lifetime. I will forever remember the Peruvian hospitality, Eduards gorgeous horses, the stunning scenery and the genuine camaraderie in our group.

Joules & Duncan Forsyth from Edinburgh 02/11/2014

Honor on Rancho las Cascadas, Mexico

The horses are in good condition - very fit and healthy. They are typical ranch bred, cross breeds and are suitable for all standards. As an experienced rider, I found them light and responsive and we had lots of great canters! I could tell though that they would really look after less experienced riders too. Swimming with the horses was a once in a lifetime experience and something I will never forget. I have done a lot of riding and ranch holidays and this one definitely tops the list.

Honor from London 01/11/2014

Thomas on Horse Riding Trails, Ecuador

Another incredible trip, thank you so much! Your preparation notes were brilliant as was your fitness advice. It was quite tough as you pointed out, but worth every minute and having a nice bed and hot shower at the end of each day was wonderful.

Thomas Mudden from London 01/11/2014

Sally on Across the Andes Ride, Argentina

The sheer beauty of each country was amazing, the views were AWESOME, river crossings so many and all memorable, adventurous riding albeit not galloping all the time, but you had to be confident, just thinking of the shakey bridge! And your horses, incredibly fit, forward going and so sure footed, I was glad to be on them as opposed to my usual Thoroughbred type.

Evenings were bliss, great chat and your hosting skills were perfect, you both really took the time to get to know us and we loved hearing about your country. Off now to persuade my girlfriends to join me for a return trip next year!

Sally from UK 01/11/2014