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Testimonials from Horse Riding Holidays in Africa


African Horse Riding Holidays Testimonials

Listed below are testimonials that our friends and clients have left for us after their African Horse Riding Holidays adventures! Feel free to browse through them and find out what you’re missing by not booking your Horse Riding Holidays with us yet!

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Janine Whyte on Kalahari Desert, Botswana

Camp Kalahari and the ride with David Foot was just magical.......the pans are a very unique place to ride and would highly recommend. David is a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and passionate and happy to share his experiences. I'm not the biggest "birder" in the world but his enthusiasm is so infectious that I was almost convinced!! Horses were great, again I sampled a few and was even allowed ride David's special baby, Ditaka......who is a beautiful horse to fact they all were!! Food again was fab and once again the wonderful cooks made sure I had freshly baked gluten free breads and treats every day, blown away!! Accommodation was amazing......very comfortable beds and the night under the stars was just the best. Meerkats were a definite highlight, so lucky to have experienced it!

Kildare, Ireland 08/01/2018

Janine Whyte on Macatoo, Okavango Delta, Botswana

How are you?! Yeah back to work and it feels like I've never been away!! I had an amazing holiday, it really was absolutely fantastic.....I'm not sure how I'm going to top it!! Macatoo is a really fun place to ride, I honestly didn't stop laughing from the moment I landed! Staff are very friendly and welcoming and really enjoy to laugh and have fun! Horses are fantastic, Mod does an amazing job matching horse to rider. I sampled quite a few whilst I was there and loved every single one of, forward going and fast, couldn't have asked for more! I didn't find the riding too tough in terms of the hours in the saddle, but I do recommend a good level of fitness......lots of long canters which are amazing! Don't be afraid of getting wet either, the splashy canters really were a highlight! Guides were brilliant, very knowledgeable, extremely willing to show us and have us experience as much as possible. Accommodation was amazing.....the tents are bigger than a Dublin apartment!! Whilst I love roughing it and progressive rides where you move every day, it was really nice to have a base and a hot shower at the end of the day! And the views......elephant and giraffe loping across the Delta a stones throw from my veranda....perfect! Food was superb and the amazing ladies in the kitchen baked me my "special" coeliac breads and treats every day.......I was amazed and truly appreciative at the effort. I was very well catered for! So yeah, everything was just perfect! Thanks for organising, all details and information was completely on point and nothing needs to change!


Kildare, Ireland 08/01/2018

Niall Power on Ride & Walk Safaris

I am not a “gusher” but I am going to sound a bit like one I’m afraid. The holiday was absolutely amazing, that’s the best description for it, start to finish, perversely I probably don’t have much useful therefore in the lines of feedback, but I can tell you why it was good in my opinion. I haven’t used travel agents or packaged trips or tours for many years because with the internet, google, tripadvisor etc I simply don’t see where they add value and value added aside the more links in the chain the more risk of errors. Mostly one would be entrusting ones arrangements to a misfortunate job bridge youngster whose travel experience extended to a school trip to Belfast.  So therefore I try to keep the chain short. Zara’s Planet seems to add value, by the nature of the trip its complex, there are a great many pick ups, collections, drop offs and interconnections so a lot of organising that I didn’t have to do, even if I could have done. Everything went like clockwork, things can go wrong and at times nothing anyone can do about it but we had the itinerary provided which was excellent and would have given us the independence to deal with a problem with any interconnection if it arose. So we felt well looked after at the outset.

Niall Power Dublin, Ireland 07/01/2018

Clayton on Wait a Little Safaris, South Africa

We were made so welcome by Philip and Gerti, the grooms and all the tracking staff and grew very fond of our amazing horses - Lucinda even likening her favourite, Steiner, to the late Bally Leck Boy, such was the lovely ride he gave her...

Clayton Fredericks International Eventer 05/11/2014

NS on Tristan’s Masai Mara Safari, Kenya

Very charismatic, a natural leader, would follow him anywhere... don’t tell him, he's big headed enough already! Fantastic in every way…Tristan was a very patient and amazing guide, I liked the way he pushed us... just a little bit of danger, with a mischievous grin!

The most luxurious of all the camping trips I’ve done, the attention to detail is superb, but not so much as to take away from the spirit of adventure.

NS from UK 05/11/2014

Mrs H on Borana Safari Lodge, Kenya

You did not prepare us for how wonderful it would be! Our family had the most wonderful time and declared it the best holiday ever & impossible to beat! We loved Kenya, and adored Borana and everything about it... Bimbi Dyer is a brilliant hostess, nothing is too much trouble and she remains enthusiastic and cheerful through the longest of working days & she and her team make sure each guest is totally spoiled & welcomed. We had a room with a view of elephant swimming... we are going back!

Mrs H & family 05/11/2014

Harriet on Gordie’s Masai Mara, Kenya

Gordie and all of his crew went out of their way to make sure every detail of the ride was superb. The riding was not for the faint hearted but it was well suited to our group.

Harriet from Warwick 04/11/2014

Lucy Higginson on Limpopo Safaris, Botswana

With a 30 plus strong herd of horses, Louise manages and schools them all beautifully. Apart from the odd compulsive water rollers, they were the best mannered horses I have met in a riding safari.

Lucy Higginson Editor, Horse & Hound Magazine 04/11/2014

Siobhan English on Macatoo Safari, Botswana

On the day of our close encounter, we acknowledged the patience needed to train horses to have this level of trust; they all stood motionless as we gazed in amazement. Even when the elephant moved in our direction, the horses remained calm.

Back at our camp, we relived the day's adventures over a smashing lunch, our time in the saddle leaving us hungry for seconds. It's in the middle of nowhere, but you really know you are somewhere very, very special.

Siobhan English The Irish Field 04/11/2014

Ciara features Kalahari Camp, Botswana

We experience the wonders of the beautiful salt pans of the Makgadigadi. In the winter the pans are just one salt crust the size of Switzerland, where nothing lives and nothing grows. There's no water, no food, no animals. In summer it explodes with a billion shrimp - daily snacks for over a million flamingos and home to mammoth herds of zebra and widlebeest.

Each day is a new adventure. we visit Livingstone's famous Baobab tree and see his name carved on its bark before lunching under a cool acacia tree. After a nap and tea, we move in gliding across the pans for a night under the stars with supper cooked for us by CK's marvellous staff.

Heck the pans are the most marvellous place to wake up! As the sun rises and the light fractures this desolate Doctor Who scape just gets more beguiling. It blows my mind, slowly, then again and again and again.

Ciara Parkes Tatler Magazine, December 2012 04/11/2014