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Listed below are testimonials that our friends and clients have left for us after their adventures! Feel free to browse through them and find out what you’re missing by not booking your Horse Riding Holidays with us yet!

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Chrissie Pine on Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico

The terrain was just as I imagined. I felt like I was in a western film - I rode up steep rocky mountains, across railway lines, galloped through lots of cacti - it was really exciting. I felt like I was in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Chrissie Pine from UK 24/10/2014

Joy Lewin on Tsambagarav Expedition, Mongolia

Have huge respect for the Mongol horses – we were all happy with our mounts and mine could not have been better. The helpers and wranglers were also so helpful – you read about their hospitality and it is so so true. One day I think we had 5 meals – the weather was so windy we took refuge in the odd ger and out the food and tea and airag came each time. And they love having their photo taken.

Joy Lewin from UK 24/10/2014

Paul Ronan on Ride & Walk Safaris

The only way I can describe the trip is that it exceeded my expectations and I think I speak for all of the rest of the group. Your choice of camps and people was spot on. As you had said a completely different experience with different terrain, Carmen's horses were top class, she runs it like a military operation.

Our guide was Clinton Edwards who wished to be remembered to you. We got to see a great cross section of game, elephant, hippo, giraffe etc. unfortunately the elusive lion while he hung around quite close to the camp and made a lot of noise at night, failed to show. Sam & Ginny were fantastic. The family connection certainly helped. Once again the food, staff, wine etc. were to the highest standard. The Botswana people have a lovely happy disposition.

After that experience we'll have to look for something to top it which is going to be very hard!

Paul Ronan from Ireland 24/10/2014

Tiggy on La Camargue, France

The food really was utterly exceptional - the chef has completed 7 years with Alain Ducasse and it was very evident in the beauty of the dishes and the glorious flavours. We spent our days riding, bird watching and exploring the barren charms of the salt pans and beach returning to the house for a wonderful 4 course dinner on the terrace by candlelight.

Tiggy from London, UK 24/10/2014

Alex Medhurst on Le Bourdil Blanc, France

This was a memorable holiday and as I took my last gallop up the hill back to Bourdil Blanc, my stomach full of cheese and my bottom now as comfortable in my saddle as in an old armchair, I wondered if I could just stay another week.

Alex Medhurst Journalist, Horse & Hound Magazine, UK 24/10/2014

Silvana Pitti on RAW & Kalahari Safaris

The trip was fantastic, R&W is really the best place in the world to spend a magical week, and Kalahari was the perfect complement after the Okavango.

I think it's a very very good idea to propose Okavango and Kalahari together for people interested in Botswana because it's a perfect way to really understand where is Okavango and to really understand how magic it is to find such a big quantity of water and animals in a so dry and unlimited desert.

All guides were perfect and very helpful and friendly. Everything was wonderful, food, horses, rhythm of the journey, food, accommodation. Camps were so magic.

I will send you some images. My son played violin standing up on a horse in a pan in Kalahari and we took videos (but we had no time to see them yet, we will do it). He played all nights for the staff because he had to work for a musical competition he will have next month and it was a perfect

Thank you so much for everything, you were wonderful. We will write again soon.

Silvana Pitti & Family from Spain 24/10/2014

Zara Stassin on Botswana RAW Safaris

For a family holiday with a difference I can 100% recommend Ride & Walk Safaris as the ultimate place on earth. In February 2013 I travelled with my three daughters (aged 5, 11, 13), my non riding husband and another family of 5 into camp. We counted between us we'd visited over 38 countries but in spite of being so well travelled every member of our group voted Ride & Walk Safaris as the best holiday we’ve ever had.

Zara Stassin Founding Director of Zara’s Planet 24/10/2014

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