Silvana Pitti on RAW & Kalahari Safaris

The trip was fantastic, R&W is really the best place in the world to spend a magical week, and Kalahari was the perfect complement after the Okavango.

I think it’s a very very good idea to propose Okavango and Kalahari together for people interested in Botswana because it’s a perfect way to really understand where is Okavango and to really understand how magic it is to find such a big quantity of water and animals in a so dry and unlimited desert.

All guides were perfect and very helpful and friendly. Everything was wonderful, food, horses, rhythm of the journey, food, accommodation. Camps were so magic.

I will send you some images. My son played violin standing up on a horse in a pan in Kalahari and we took videos (but we had no time to see them yet, we will do it). He played all nights for the staff because he had to work for a musical competition he will have next month and it was a perfect

Thank you so much for everything, you were wonderful. We will write again soon.