Sandra McCracken on Riding in Rural Rajasthan

Wicklow, Ireland

Still trying to process all the wonderful experiences we had over the last couple of weeks, it was and amazing time with  a super group of people! There was very little I would change about the trip if I had to do so, it had  the right combination of interesting terrain, constantly changing, great villages with all those fab local people… and the kids enthusiasm was so heart warming!  You did a fantastic job, you were looking after everything so quietly and in the background, nothing was a fuss or bother, thanks a mill for making it an unforgettable experience that I will never forget! You did a super job keeping so many of us so happy, the whole thing seemed to run itself but I’m well aware how difficult it is to keep clients happy, Well done and thanks a mill for a truly magical trip! Looking forward to the next one!!!

Zara Stassin
I love nothing more than sharing all these magical riding adventure experiences that we offer all over the world with friends and clients. Everyone is given our personal service by myself, Jill or any of our phenomenal team... a good way to think of us is as your own private concierge service.