Paul Ronan on Ride & Walk Safaris

The only way I can describe the trip is that it exceeded my expectations and I think I speak for all of the rest of the group. Your choice of camps and people was spot on. As you had said a completely different experience with different terrain, Carmen’s horses were top class, she runs it like a military operation.

Our guide was Clinton Edwards who wished to be remembered to you. We got to see a great cross section of game, elephant, hippo, giraffe etc. unfortunately the elusive lion while he hung around quite close to the camp and made a lot of noise at night, failed to show. Sam & Ginny were fantastic. The family connection certainly helped. Once again the food, staff, wine etc. were to the highest standard. The Botswana people have a lovely happy disposition.

After that experience we’ll have to look for something to top it which is going to be very hard!