Pat on Wellow Farm Horse Riding Holidays, UK

We had a great time and as a horsey person (Riding for the Disabled Volunteer) we loved staying in the modern holiday cottage in the stable yard. The riding was superb on good horses on some of the best on and off road routes and fields in the south-west. My family from Australia will be joining me in another break later this year, when their children can enjoy the Shetland ponies and the farm animals!

The horses are in good condition - very fit and healthy. They are typical ranch bred, cross breeds and are suitable for all standards. As an experienced rider, I found them light and responsive and we had lots of great canters! I could tell though that they would really look after less experienced riders too.

Honor from London 01/11/2014

The trip was fantastic, R&W is really the best place in the world to spend a magical week, and Kalahari was the perfect complement after the Okavango. I think it's a very very good idea to propose Okavango and Kalahari together for people interested in Botswana because it's a perfect way to really understand where

Silvana Pitti & Family from Spain 24/10/2014

Brilliant! Every moment to be treasured and remembered. Truly the best holiday I have ever had! Brave, honest 'Metallic', long canters, superb food and plenty of laughs with good company. What could be better.

Rosemary from England 26/10/2014

I just wanted to let you know that we had the best holiday ever at the ranch. Everything was great ; our room was beautiful - sitting area with a bed each for the kids and a separate bedroom for ourselves. The food was great (I have 5lbs to lose!), and the riding was fantastic

Noirin Leach & family from Ireland 06/11/2014

This was a memorable holiday and as I took my last gallop up the hill back to Bourdil Blanc, my stomach full of cheese and my bottom now as comfortable in my saddle as in an old armchair, I wondered if I could just stay another week.

Alex Medhurst Horse & Hound Magazine 07/11/2014

Pat from Norfolk, UK 09/11/2014

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