Niall Power on Ride & Walk Safaris

I am not a “gusher” but I am going to sound a bit like one I’m afraid. The holiday was absolutely amazing, that’s the best description for it, start to finish, perversely I probably don’t have much useful therefore in the lines of feedback, but I can tell you why it was good in my opinion. I haven’t used travel agents or packaged trips or tours for many years because with the internet, google, tripadvisor etc I simply don’t see where they add value and value added aside the more links in the chain the more risk of errors. Mostly one would be entrusting ones arrangements to a misfortunate job bridge youngster whose travel experience extended to a school trip to Belfast.  So therefore I try to keep the chain short. Zara’s Planet seems to add value, by the nature of the trip its complex, there are a great many pick ups, collections, drop offs and interconnections so a lot of organising that I didn’t have to do, even if I could have done. Everything went like clockwork, things can go wrong and at times nothing anyone can do about it but we had the itinerary provided which was excellent and would have given us the independence to deal with a problem with any interconnection if it arose. So we felt well looked after at the outset.