Nanno on the Gaucho Trail, Argentina

Now that I am settling into my new normal ,  want to write and let you know how much I enjoyed yet another fabulous Zarasplanet adventure. It was wonderful to experience at the time and continues to bring joy through the memory of it and recounting of stories . All the women in our group were GREAT company and fun- we just seemed to slot in together with ease like the pieces of a jigsaw.  I loved that we got to share and see many aspects of Argentina together which is indeed a huge and beautiful country. It is obvious Angie, Diego, their family and team have developed their  business and work hard to ensure we have a great time. Their friendliness and warm hospitality, wonderfully patient , responsive, comfortable horses, luxurious stylish accommodation , delicious food and wines, decadent  picnics all worked for me. I had a magical memorable time with them. I would class it as the trip if a lifetime- but then , I’ve had several of those with you already and who know’s, perhaps more to come!

Thank YOU for your professionalism organising everything, choosing the right type of authentic accommodation, getting best money exchange rates for us, recommending locations, shops, secret bars etc etc. I feel safe and well supported and therefore relaxed.