Lynne on Country & Beach Trail in Sardinia, IT

Your organisation and flexibility and commitment to getting a bespoke programme suited to our needs. Your thoughtfulness re: gifts sent to us (lovely and personal) The scenery was absolutely stunning (particularly the coastline) and I have to say knocked Spain for six.

The hotel was gorgeous – the surroundings, the ambience the way the horses just roamed around the grounds and the dogs would run to greet you – felt really homely – pool area very nice – I had a massage which was fantastic.

The staff at the hotel couldn’t have done more – they were superb.

We had two days riding in the countryside and 4 days riding from the beach which we didn’t know was happening but I think was a bonus due to the scenery – we rode just the four of us which was

The riding was good and they were very safety conscious – we would have liked to go faster (you know what Colin’s like) we had some nice long canters and sometimes it was more challenging which made it fun going around trees, corners, bushes etc but you know Colin he would have liked a full out gallop but everything else was so super we didn’t mind and had to bear in mind the heat for the horses.