Janine Whyte on Kalahari Desert, Botswana

Kildare, Ireland

Camp Kalahari and the ride with David Foot was just magical…….the pans are a very unique place to ride and would highly recommend. David is a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and passionate and happy to share his experiences. I’m not the biggest “birder” in the world but his enthusiasm is so infectious that I was almost convinced!! Horses were great, again I sampled a few and was even allowed ride David’s special baby, Ditaka……who is a beautiful horse to ride……in fact they all were!! Food again was fab and once again the wonderful cooks made sure I had freshly baked gluten free breads and treats every day, blown away!! Accommodation was amazing……very comfortable beds and the night under the stars was just the best. Meerkats were a definite highlight, so lucky to have experienced it!

Zara Stassin
I love nothing more than sharing all these magical riding adventure experiences that we offer all over the world with friends and clients. Everyone is given our personal service by myself, Jill or any of our phenomenal team... a good way to think of us is as your own private concierge service.