Ciara features Kalahari Camp, Botswana

We experience the wonders of the beautiful salt pans of the Makgadigadi. In the winter the pans are just one salt crust the size of Switzerland, where nothing lives and nothing grows. There’s no water, no food, no animals. In summer it explodes with a billion shrimp – daily snacks for over a million flamingos and home to mammoth herds of zebra and widlebeest.

Each day is a new adventure. we visit Livingstone’s famous Baobab tree and see his name carved on its bark before lunching under a cool acacia tree. After a nap and tea, we move in gliding across the pans for a night under the stars with supper cooked for us by CK’s marvellous staff.

Heck the pans are the most marvellous place to wake up! As the sun rises and the light fractures this desolate Doctor Who scape just gets more beguiling. It blows my mind, slowly, then again and again and again.