Amy Maloney on Patagonia Trail Rides, Chile

From start to finish, our trip truly felt blessed. We saw condors on the way to the penguin colony. Not just high in the sky. These condors swooped down and were surfing the wind right in front and to the side of our van, as if welcoming us and leading the way. Later in the trip, we saw a condor perched high on a hill with his wings outstretched. Chechin said he was drying his feathers.

We also saw the wild horses! Feeling their energy, our horses became antsy and within moments we saw a large herd of wild horses galloping through a clearing of trees on the next hill over. So exciting!

We had breathtaking views of every glacier and vista. We swam in Laguna Azul (just a few of us brave girls? Sabine included). And it was at Laguna Azul where we had our first night of spectacular stars. Sabine said it was one of the best night skies she has seen. The hotel our first and last night was excellent. A great stay after 20+ hours of travelling and an even better stay after nine nights camping. The team showed great attention to detail. They were warm, welcoming, funny, and eager to help. I believe they genuinely wanted me to have an enjoyable, relaxing, exciting, and fun filled vacation.

Their passion for horses and Patagonia were evident. The cocktail hour – with appetizers and pisco sours – was something I began to look forward to each day. And the unexpected surprise of having our tents already set up on many days was fantastic (we especially loved that it was always a surprise.) I could go on and on. And I have been going on and on to my family and friends. All of whom are incredibly jealous of my adventures in Chilean Patagonia.