Alison Allan on the Coconut Trail, Brazil – November 2022

I have done a number of holidays with Zara’s Planet and the Coconut Trail is my number one. The horses are amazing, they just keep going, so well schooled and willing and did I say FAST. The holiday itself is a fantastic balance of serious horse riding, amazing sightseeing, fantastic food and relaxing down time. A typical day is long fast morning ride ending at a local restaurant for lunch and beer, followed by a short ride back to your local hotel for some down time either in the pool, on the beach or my favourite – the hammock. Everything is so well organised with loads of laughs and freedom to ride where you want – definitely not in a straight line. The boat trips are memorable as are the evening dinners and laughs, such a great way to get to know each other. There is so much variety in the holiday, beaches, coconut groves, sand dunes, rivers, each day is an adventure and different. The accommodation is always spotless and authentic. It’s one of those holidays you will never forgot.