New Stop over hotel in Nairobi

New Stop over hotel in Nairobi

I love small boutique hotels. You know the kind with few rooms and you feel like you have the whole place to yourself? The kind where you get personal, friendly service from the staff? The kind with unique architecture and located in a beautiful location? Yes that kind!

I am also a sucker for beautiful photography. Which is why when I learnt about the new One Forty Eight and saw the awesome photos, I couldn’t resist putting them up on the blog.

OneFortyEight is the new boutique hotel in Langata, Nairobi. Once a private home, it recently opened to paying guests. OneFortyEight comprises just eight rooms beautifully furnished. From a low-hanging chandelier to the unique artwork that hangs on the walls, the owner appears to be one who appreciates the arts. They also take great care of the grounds because the grass looks well tended!

The main house, which has a timber exterior features just three bedrooms and a loft for children. An art studio has been converted to 3 apartment rooms and 2 suites. Guests to the hotel will love the interior of the main house with its low ceiling, fireplace, low tables, Moroccan lanterns, beautiful candle-holders and lampshades. The veranda is shaded and has some comfy-looking seats – the perfect place to relax and unwind with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. I also love the large windows in the main areas and the rooms! They let in lots of natural light and they allow the lovely views of the outdoors inside.

Enough about this beautiful hotel from me. Why not scroll down, have a look at the photos and be the judge. Check out the website and follow the hotel on Twitter. I have not been to OneFortyEight but its definitely on my bucket list and we are happy to book clients in here who have a stop over on their Kenyan riding safari!

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