How to Make Your Trip More Memorable

Horse Riding Holidays: How to Make Your Trip More Memorable

Horse riding holidays are some of my most memorable holidays, even before I established Zara’s Planet
with Jill. It is always special when you can carry some of that magic home with you afterwards, it adds to
the experience. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or are considering your very first trip, you can plan
ahead to help make the expedition even more memorable. Use the following tips as a guide.

Bring a Camera on Horse Riding Holidays, Lose the Cell Phone

In all fairness, your cell phone will likely help you get to your intended destination and hopefully will
enable you to check back in with things at home throughout the trip, but keep it tucked away in your
bag when you are riding. Many of our destinations have no cell phone coverage so you have no choice
about this. Don’t worry we always give you an emergency land line or satellite phone so relatives and
friends can make contact if there is an emergency. We suggest you relish a week without a cell phone
and social media distractions. If you are on holiday somewhere closer to home like Europe where you
will have roaming access then perhaps keep cell phone usage to a quick evening up date. Even though
your phone is sure to have a wonderful camera, keeping it out will prove too tempting. Give yourself an
edge and make sure you’re soaking up every minute by using a dedicated camera. Be sure to bring along
ample batteries and film or memory cards so you can keep snapping away throughout the whole trip.

Learn Some of the Local Language Before the Trip

If you’re traveling to a destination that where English is not the mother tongue, try to pick up some key
phrases before you go. You’ll likely be paired with a guide and host whom you can communicate easily
with, but knowing the native tongue can help you navigate better and experience even more of the local
culture when you’re exploring the area.

Explore the Lesser-Known Areas

Most of your horse riding holiday will likely be planned out in advance, but allow some extra time to visit
the areas tourists don’t normally go. You can talk with your host and the locals when you arrive at your
destination to find out what the hot spots are. Whenever possible, give each member in your party a
chance to choose the activity or destination. Not only will this help them create wonderful memories,
but you’ll experience things you wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise.

Enjoy Some Down Time

By their nature most of our horse riding holidays are active and pretty full on but even trekking over the
Andes or riding through the Namibian desert there is always down time, be it a snooze on the rock after
lunch or the very sociable evening times. You should really relish and enjoy this time to relax, unwind,
and connect with your companions. These quiet moments allow you to recharge so you can create
lasting memories.

Embrace the Local Culture

Whenever possible our guides will bring you close to the local culture and of course a riding holiday by
it’s nature brings you off to remote places not easily accessible by vehicles. When on offer I suggest; eat
regional foods, have a browse at a local market and chat with the people who live there in the country,
some of the back up guides or staff on site can give you a wonderful insight into rural life in their
country. Your horse riding holiday can have a huge impact on the way you view the world and shape
your thoughts going forward, but in order to get the most out of it, it’s essential to immerse yourself in
the culture.

Do you have a tip that might help someone else have a more memorable horse riding holiday? Let us
know in the replies section below. If you’re ready to book your next adventure, take a look at the
upcoming trips or contact us for more information.

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  • Becky Lange says:

    Several friends and I are planning on a riding trip to Ireland in either July or August 2017. We are all endurance riders here in the States and all own our own horses and ride 3-5 times per week. We are interested in a point to point ride for a week and your Conamara Trail ride looked interesting. We have all taken riding vacations in the past. Please provide what additional information your have regarding this or other point to point rides in Ireland.

    • Zara Stassin says:

      Hi Becky , we emailed you back in the fall. Did you arrange anything in Ireland? I am based here in Dublin and know everyone so please email me personally at if you want some ideas. Zara

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