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Horse Riding Holidays Health & Vaccinations Advice

Horse Riding is a physical activity and so we must be sure that anybody travelling on one of our Horse Riding Holidays will be able to meet the physical demands it will bring.

If you or anybody who will be travelling with you has a pre-existing medical problem or disability, we ask that you inform us of this at the time of your provisional booking, so we can advise on whether or not the Horse Riding Holiday will be suitable. This is particularly important in the case of Trail Rides in more remote locations, where it may not be possible to get somebody to a hospital or other medical attention should a problem arise during their holiday.

Chile Horse Moving Adventure Photo3In some cases, this may involve you or your companion arranging a medical examination with your doctor, and asking them to provide written confirmation that they have assessed you as medically fit for the holiday in question. We reserve the right to decline a booking if this confirmation is not forthcoming, or if we subsequently learn of a medical or disability problem after we initially accept a booking.

This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who travel with us, and we thank you for your understanding.

Meanwhile, vaccinations may be recommended for some of the destinations offered in our worldwide Horse Riding Holidays range. Again, please consult your doctor or other medical expert. For example, anti-malaria measures are recommended for travel to many parts of Africa and Asia, while vaccinations to protect against hepatitis, typhoid, tetanus and polio may be recommended for Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

It is your responsibility to check your Personal Health Protection before you travel.

Detailed information about recommended vaccinations is available from the National Health Service in the UK and the Health Services Executive in Ireland. Links below: