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Horse Riding Holidays Accommodation

At Zara’s Planet, we pride ourselves on providing the best of everything – and that includes the accommodation on our Horse Riding Holidays.

No matter what your choice from our worldwide range of holidays, you can be assured of being happy with your accommodation. We know that because we’ve personally vetted all our holidays ourselves – and we were happy with the accommodation ourselves. It wouldn’t be right to expect others to travel and stay there if we weren’t!

Michael and Louise on RAW Botswana Safari6Depending upon your choice of Horse Riding Holiday, your accommodation may be in a high-quality hotel, converted farmhouse, specially-constructed guest quarters on a ranch, or an estancia lodge in Latin America. There could even be some nights spent camping if on a particular Expedition Holiday – the Wadi Rum Desert Ride in Jordan, for example – but even still, you can be assured of as much comfort as possible, as well as a hearty meal to enjoy!

Details of the accommodation provided with each holiday are listed in the full description page of that holiday. Just contact us if you have any queries about it – remember, we’ve been there ourselves, so we’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!