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Flights – Horse Riding Holiday

So, you’ve chosen your horse riding holiday and made a provisional booking with us – now all that remains is to make sure you get there!

All our rides are priced excluding flights, which means you are free to book your own at the best price. you must check first that your booking is fully confirmed before booking your flights.

We will tell you exactly what airport to fly to and back from and what times you need to be there for arrival and for departure. We can also help and advise the best airlines and routes to use. Once booked, the details are added into your Booking Form and we link this all up to make sure you are met at the airport on arrival.

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We also work with a Flight Specialist and can put you in touch with them to ensure a smooth and great service, where you can benefit from competitive rates.

Whichever way you choose to book your flights, together we’ll get you there – for that Horse Riding Holiday of a lifetime!