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from £895 or €1,044

per person, 6 nights

The Poldark trail offers a wonderful secluded base in Cornwall on the Bodmin moor in beautifully renovated cottages riding great horses. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays UK collection…

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from £280 or €327

per person, 2 nights

At Wellow Farm enjoy lesson based tuition from one of the Senior Instructors whom have the skills to teach total beginners right up to intermediate riders in all riding disciplines. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays UK collection …

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from £995 or €1,161

per person, 6 nights

Ever fancied a spot of Cattle Herding but don’t fancy trekking all the way to the states? Unique experience and the only one of it’s kind currently in the UK. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays UK collection …

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from £360 or €420

per person, 2 nights

The Brecon Beacons Trail Ride is a wonderful destination, offering world class trail horse riding holidays on mountain friendly Welsh Cobs over the Brecon Beacons and beyond. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays UK collection …

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Horse Riding Holidays UK

When we began Zara’s Planet, we thought our clients needed the most help finding the best riding holidays abroad. Little did we know that once we started our business, we would be inundated with requests about the best riding holidays in the UK, much closer to home.

And why not, as it has some of the most beautiful riding country in the world!

In Wales, you can join a trail ride called the ‘Trans Wales’, which travels down from the Brecon Beacons to the Irish Sea, culminating in an exhilarating gallop along the beach near Aberystwyth. The scenery is fantastic and the horses in the most part are home-bred Welsh Section D’s – these are the native ponies of Wales and perfect for crossing the rugged terrain.

Choose England for your horse riding holiday in the UK, and there are still areas where you can find ponies that run wild in the National Parks. In Exmoor, on the Wilds of Exmoor ride, you only have to leave the farmhouse for five minutes and you’ll be sure to come across these very cute, native breeds.

This is the same for our horse riding holidays in Dartmoor, but here Phil Heard offers our clients something unique in the UK: cattle herding on horseback! Normally this is only available to do in places like the USA, South America or the Camargue in France, but here Phil prefers to use his horses to round up his herd of cows which are scattered across Dartmoor.

In Cornwall, you can pick up the trail of smugglers and cross the open Bodmin moors, stopping off for a pint in the famous Jamaica Inn and also enjoying a scrumptious Cornish cream tea.

There is also much more you can do alongside your horse riding holiday in the UK. You may want to combine your stay with a city visit and what better way to do that than to visit Wellow Farm and the beautiful, historic town of Bath. Here you can make a base at the farm and take up the offer of ride outs or lessons in the mornings and head out in the afternoons to discover the city, which is just six miles away.

Please e-mail or call myself or Zara if you want more insight into selecting a horse riding holiday in the UK as we’d love to make sure you pick the perfect one.

If there are any regions we haven’t mentioned but you would like to discover on horseback, please also ask, as we are adding new options to our horse riding holidays in the UK range all the time.

~ Jill
Signed - Jill Dolan