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from £1,245 or €1,450

per person, from 3 nights plus

Come for an adventure of a lifetime joining local farmers round up sheep and horses at the end of the season. For fit, adventurous, good intermediate riders only. Sorting, driving sheep or horses down to the farms at the end of the season is both exhilarating and fascinating and entails long hours in the saddle and a lot of flexibility as well as a willingness to take instruction and work as part of a team.

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from £790 or €895

per person, from 3 nights plus

We work with a large group of owner manager farmers in Iceland. You will be looked after by locals who are keen to show off their homely farms riding their home bred Icelandic horses. Riding with large herds of free running horses, experiencing the tolt pace and unique culture, scenery and hospitality, this is the way to explore Iceland.

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Horse Riding Holidays Iceland

Head towards the Arctic Circle with a sense of adventure in your heart and eager excitement in your brain for a spectacular horse riding holiday through the unique landscape of Iceland, which is like nowhere else on earth.

The Golden Circle Trail fits all the highlights of Iceland into one unforgettable week. You’ll experience hot springs, forests, volcanoes, glaciers, and more, all across majestic terrain hewn over millions of years by the sheer power of Mother Earth. You may even have the chance to witness and even ride under the sparkling splendour of the Northern Lights, which can frequently be seen from all of Iceland.

There are several extras you can also book to extend your horse riding holiday in Iceland, as well as shorter trail rides if you have less time to spend on horseback – just contact us for more details or to suggest an itinerary, and we’ll take it from there. And why not consider the Northern Exposure Treak – rated by ‘The Sunday Times’ as one of the top ten treks in the world.

Just click above for more information on the Golden Circle Trail and other horse riding holidays in Iceland, and then use the Check Availability button to get in touch. We’ll soon be back to you with details of dates, prices, and everything else you need to know, and hopefully you’ll soon be looking forward to a great horse riding holiday adventure in the magical country of Iceland.

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