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This Mongolia Trail adventure Holiday is an exciting horse riding holiday in Mongolia. Fascinating culture – meet the local people and experience their traditional nomadic lifestyle. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays Mongolia collection…

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Horse Riding Holidays Mongolia

We feel that a horse riding holiday in Mongolia is one of the best options for you if you are a true adventurer and want to get off the beaten track.

Mongolia year by year becomes more touristy at the hot spots, but we work with the most incredible partners, that avoid those places and guide our clients into some really unknown and rarely visited places like Zavkhan and the Altai Mountains. Still today, John and his team are finding new trails and discovering new areas to explore and we ask all participants on our horse riding holiday in Mongolia to always have a sense of adventure and a liking for the unexpected when they visit.

In addition to the horse riding holiday in Mongolia throughout the short summer season, clients can also join in local festivities, with one of the highlights being the Eagle Festival.

This is an incredible cultural event, which celebrates the traditions of the Mongol people and their huge partnership with these magnificent hunting birds. You can expect to see classes for the best turned out and the best hunter. There are also other exciting events, including horse racing, archery and the highly entertaining Bushkashi – goatskin tug of war on horseback!

The riding itself is brilliant on your holiday in Mongolia, as soon as you get used to your ‘little’ but powerful Mongolian horse. You’ll enjoy some fantastic days, walking through some of the most awesome terrain and galloping across the empty open steppes. Along the way, you’ll have the warmest of encounters with local people and probably get an invite into their ger and offered some tea, vodka, or airag which is the national drink made of fermented mare’s milk!

Genuinely, we can’t think of a greater adventure than a horse riding holiday in Mongolia, which offers you a sense of discovery and riding in unchartered territory.

Please email or call myself or Zara if you want more insight into a horse riding holiday in Mongolia as we’d love to share all our knowledge with you.

~ Jill
Signed - Jill Dolan