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Retzlaff Safari is the ultimate beach riding adventure where each day you will ride over different areas of coastline and experience the joys of cantering along the beach. As part of the Zara’s Planet Horse Riding Holidays Mozambique …

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Horse Riding Holidays Mozambique

Why choose a Horse Riding Holiday in Mozambique?

Well, Mozambique is the ultimate ‘no news, no shoes’ destination. There are some of the best beaches in the world here, and it is a wonderful add-on in itself to some of our Big 5 safari horse riding holidays. For a fantastic combination of African culture, beaches, great horses and lovely rustic accommodation and some game too, we highly recommend Mozambique.

Our Mozambique horse riding holiday is rather unique in that the owners saved a lot of the horses and made an incredible journey from Zimbabwe to get to Mozambique. We think reading the book written about that incredible adventure is a must before your holiday. It’s called ‘One Hundred and Four Horses’ and it’s written by Mandy Retzlaff and available on Amazon.

If rustic is not your thing, then Mozambique has some of the most stunning five-star lodges, complete with butler service, and you can fly in on a helicopter or sea plane. We can organise horse riding holidays in Mozambique around these lodges. Olympic Bronze Medallist Cian O’Connor took a holiday with his wife at Benguerra Lodge through us, and this remains one of his trips of a lifetime.

Mozambique is also a fantastic country for diving and we can also arrange for you to go swimming with dolphins too, which is a highly memorable experience.

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