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Hi. Zara and Jill here, to tell you how for nearly 20 years, Zara’s Planet has been helping people like you to enjoy horse riding holidays of a lifetime.

From ranch holidays in the USA to safaris in Kenya, playing polo in Argentina to trekking trails in every continent of the world, we’ve seen countless happy people experience horseback heaven – and we look forward to doing the same for you.

Our range of horse riding holidays has been carefully vetted and selected, to ensure that what we offer you is the best selection of the best holidays available anywhere. We offer them at a guaranteed best price too. If you find the same holiday on offer at a lower price through another operator, we will refund you the difference.

Browse our selection of horse riding holidays, and you will find much to tempt you, no matter what your riding ability or experience.

If you are an experienced rider, we can offer you absolute adventure on top-class horses, as we work with the very best operators in the world. Or if you’ve never actually been in the saddle before, that’s no problem, as many of our centre-based rides cater for absolute beginners.

That means you’ll also find your perfect holiday here if you’re an experienced rider with a novice rider travelling with you. Other activities in family-oriented locations mean that partners and children can have a great time too, even if they never get in the saddle at all.

We bring you unrivalled service and knowledge at all times, as either one of our team or one of our trusted experts has experienced the horse riding holiday of your choice. It means that any detailed further information you need on any of our holidays, or even advice on choosing which one is right for you, is just a phone call or e-mail away. We pride ourselves in offering such in-depth personal expertise of the horse riding holidays and the countries you visit.

We and the rest of our team all share your love of horses. We come from competitive riding backgrounds, and you can contact us through our UK and Irish bases at any time. We’re always happy to talk about anything horse-related, and specifically the travels we’ve enjoyed and how you can enjoy them too.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to sending you on a great adventure!

Signed - Zara Stassin& Jill Dolan


Travel, Horses & People – Our Passion

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MD (Ireland)

Zara has always had a passion for travel and at last count visited and lived in 40 countries. She grew up with show ponies often breaking, schooling and riding ponies in for a top UK producer. After school she worked on stud farms in Belgium before settling into corporate life where she worked in IT and Travel for Irish companies for over 15 years, most recently as MD of a $500 million travel agency in New York. In 2005 she established Zara's Planet and moved back to Ireland. Zara's three girls, their ponies & horses keep her busy when she's not in the office or travelling. Zara's youngest daughter Sunnibhe (15) currently competes at the 1.20m level on her gorgeous little horse Echo with showjumping Ireland. You'll often find Zara & Sunnibhe hacking for hours through the Dublin mountains if there is a quiet weekend with no competitions! Sadhbh (21) is an accomplished rider having pony evented up to FEI level when younger and now produces young show jumping horses in her spare time, she is at Uni but helps out with the business when she can and has worked in Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana helping out our partners. Saoirse (23) is an avid traveller having worked as a back up rider in South Africa, Botswana, Argentina and Chile. The only member of the family who doesn't ride is her husband, John, he does love wildlife and is a good test dummy for trips that offer options for non riders! Exploring and visiting incredible countries on horses is part of the job and Zara has been lucky enough to ride with some wonderful clients who have become firm friends through Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. Most recently she brought a group of very experienced teenager on an incredible safari to Ants Nest and Horizons in South Africa in December 2022 followed by a trip to Argentina with a group of women adventurers...they rode from Estancia to Estancia in the Wetlands, tango'd in Buenos Aires and speed boated into the waterfalls at Iguazu.

'Zara’s Planet and riding holidays are my absolute passion. It doesn't feel like work as there is nothing I prefer than planning riding adventures for my clients. I love the hands on aspect and being able to provide a personal service. Combining my passion for horses, people & travel is just such a privilege.'

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Jill and her family are heavily involved with horses on a day to day basis, competing regularly in showing competitions across the country. The family's biggest win to date was 'Horse of the Year Show' in the nineties with their 15hh Show Hunter, 'Mr Pemberton'. Most recently Jill campaigned her son Alfie's lead rein show pony Barkway Minstral and had a very successful year in 2015, by qualifying for the Royal International Show at Hickstead, followed by Horse of the Year Show in October 2015 where they took 8th place - we think this was outstanding as they were the only amateurs in the class. Even though Alfie has given up riding now, he still joins Jill at the stables and helps with her 2 young horses, the Shetland and Joey, Alfies' first ever pony, who will never be sold. Jill also loves music and can often be seen out supporting and following her husband Hughs bands who play live all over the UK, with some jaunts abroad, inlcuding Spain and Germany. Jill's other passion is travel, and when the summer months of competition are over she chills out by travelling to far off and distant places to check out new rides. Jill is very social and each year brings together private groups of friends and clients to travel off on riding adventures, most recent was the 320km trek across the Namib Desert quickly followed by the Coconut Trail along the remote North East beaches of Brazil both in the latter part of 2022. Prior to launching Zara's Planet in the UK, Jill spent 15 years in the corporate world, as the Director of a highly successful media agency, representing brands that included the Daily Mail, Independent newspapers, Virgin Radio, Elle & Red Magazine.

'I love people, horses and travel, what better way to combine everything that gets me excited into a business I truly adore. I think what sets us apart is that we REALLY care and all our clients have direct access to us whether it’s by phone, email, Facebook or in person'

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Associate Director

Laura and Jill are sisters and Laura has an abundance of experience in customer care from working in the insurance business - Laura is big into horses too and shares the same passion for showing as her sister Jill and can be seen showing during the summer with her 15.2HH Show Hunter Machair. Come winter Laura spends a great a deal of time researching and sourcing new exciting riding holiday destinations.

'I love working with my sister and Zara, we all share the same passions and goals, searching out the most amazing riding destinations which we can offer to our valued clients – it’s exciting, rewarding and interesting, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to talk to so many horsey people each day, hear about the sort of riding holidays they’d like to book but also about them and the horses they have at home and what they do!'


Vicky on the Coffee Trail, Colombia

The Colombian Coffee Trail was my first horse riding holiday and what a holiday it was! Riding well trained horses of the beaten track, over and around mountains surrounded by the most incredible scenery which allowed you to get a real feel of rural Colombia, the people and their way of life. The guides and

Vicky Campbell - UK Colombia, America 01/11/2019

Carole Newton on the Camargue, France

Where to start? there is so much to tell... I had the most amazing adventure! Was picked up from the airport by my very own cowboy Laurent! Who was my companion every day of my holiday and he was charming and great fun. Dropped me at the house and gardens are beautiful and my room

Carole Newton UK 20/01/2018

Joy Voeth on Beach & Countryside Riding, Spain

It was a phenomenal week!! I had an amazing time. I fell head over heels in love with my horse (Delicado). He was everything I have ever wanted in a horse - and everything I had asked for - full of energy, forward going, and quiet in the head. Caroline did a great job of

Joy Voeth USA 20/01/2018

Sally Anderson on Colombian Central Trail, Colombia

Just to let you know we had a fantastic time in Colombia, the weeks riding was a real treat. We met some lovely people on the ride and Paul and Chalas and his team looked after us brilliantly. It was a great privilege to be able to visit some wonderful homes along the way -

Sally Scotland 19/01/2018

Olga Ridley on Estancia Corrientes, Argentina

I had the time of my life it was my best riding holiday yet. The horses were very well matched, which gave me great confidence, especially when we were cantering. Fabian the guide was very good he was very easy to get on with and a great help with my riding and he spoke good

Olga Scotland 19/01/2018

Janine Whyte on Kalahari Desert, Botswana

Camp Kalahari and the ride with David Foot was just magical.......the pans are a very unique place to ride and would highly recommend. David is a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and passionate and happy to share his experiences. I'm not the biggest "birder" in the world but his enthusiasm is so infectious that I was

Kildare, Ireland 08/01/2018

Janine Whyte on Macatoo, Okavango Delta, Botswana

How are you?! Yeah back to work and it feels like I've never been away!! I had an amazing holiday, it really was absolutely fantastic.....I'm not sure how I'm going to top it!! Macatoo is a really fun place to ride, I honestly didn't stop laughing from the moment I landed! Staff are very friendly

Kildare, Ireland 08/01/2018

Sandra McCracken on Riding in Rural Rajasthan

Still trying to process all the wonderful experiences we had over the last couple of weeks, it was and amazing time with  a super group of people! There was very little I would change about the trip if I had to do so, it had  the right combination of interesting terrain, constantly changing, great villages

Wicklow, Ireland 08/01/2018

Niall Power on Ride & Walk Safaris

I am not a “gusher” but I am going to sound a bit like one I’m afraid. The holiday was absolutely amazing, that’s the best description for it, start to finish, perversely I probably don’t have much useful therefore in the lines of feedback, but I can tell you why it was good in my

Niall Power Dublin, Ireland 07/01/2018

Pat on Wellow Farm Horse Riding Holidays, UK

We had a great time and as a horsey person (Riding for the Disabled Volunteer) we loved staying in the modern holiday cottage in the stable yard. The riding was superb on good horses on some of the best on and off road routes and fields in the south-west. My family from Australia will be

Pat from Norfolk, UK 09/11/2014





SAFARI'S - 30 %

FAMILY - 50 %





We believe strongly in responsible tourism at Zara’s Planet Ltd and we hope that you will share our ethics. Especially in less touristic destinations, it is easy to have a negative impact on local communities. By working with local, professional outfits, we vet our partners carefully to make sure that the local effect is positive. You won’t find us packing clients on to bus tours… we believe in travel in small groups and individuals. This is generally better for the local environment and it gives you, the client, a far better holiday experience. You arrive home relaxed, refreshed, inspired and revitalized.

We firmly believe in sustainable tourism which means that we will put a portion of our profits back into carefully selected local projects. We also try to utilize local outfits to encourage and support sustainable tourism. We will be fully transparent in our methods and the level of support that we provide to projects. Current projects that we support financially include a primary school in South Africa and primary schools in Bangladesh where Zara’s Planet has contributed funds for much needed equipment.