A fab time at Blair Castle
Winner to be announced soon!


A fab time at Blair Castle

A fab time at Blair Castle

Thanks go to all of you who visited us at a rather wet and muddy but totally fabulous Longines FEI European Eventing Championships at Blair Castle earlier this month.

We got through a fair few bottles of bubbly (!) as we welcomed so many visitors to our tent, and it was fun to catch up with everybody and talk horsey holidays.

It was wonderful too to also have the owners of two of our fabulous Botswana holiday destinations at our tent: Tim and Tessa Vestey from Ride and Walk Botswana, and Robyn Foot from the Kalahair Camp, both of which are part of our African safari horse riding holidays collection.

They provided lots of first-hand knowledge to people already planning a riding safari, and maybe inspired a few others to start thinking about one too!

We also took in lots of new entries at our tent for our fantastic competition for a riding holiday to Epona in Spain, home of beautiful classical dressage Andalusians. We’ll be announcing the winner soon, so keep an eye on our website here and/or our Facebook page, and also watch out for our next newsletter!

If you would like to find out more about the Prize - Click on the 'More' button below!

from£2,455 or €2,860

per person, 7 nights

Join us for this wonderful horse riding holiday in Spain which offers private Classical Dressage rising lessons with Rafael Soto, on beautiful Andalucian horses near Seville. As part of our Horse Riding Holidays Spain collection ... Experience Level

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